10th Biology Past Papers With Solution According New Syllabus 2023

10th Biology past papers unit-wise from 2014-2023. Matric part 2 Biology New Syllabus MCQs, short and long questions. 10th class Biology alp smart syllabus notes 2023.

10th Biology Past Papers According New Syllabus :

Here is a sample past paper of 10th class Unit 1 past paper 2012-2023.

1. Intake of oxygen form environment and removal of carbon dioxide is

called: (MUL-II, SWL-1)(SGD-GI)(FSD-I, MUL-II, SWL-I)

(A) Cellular respiration

(B) Excretion

(©) Gaseous exchange

(D) Secretion

2. For gaseous exchange, the leaves and young stems have in their

epidermis. (RWP-I,FSD-1)(LHR-GI)(GU-LI,MUL-I,SGD-1)

(A) Stomata

(B) Lenticels

(C) Companion cells

(D) Ground cells

3. The percentage of CO2 in exhaled air is: (DGK-II, RWP-GII, SWL-1, MUL-1,SGD-II)

(A) 02%

(B) 04%

(C) 06%

(D) 08%

4. The percentage of oxygen from air which we inspired is: (LHR-I,FSD-GI, MIN-GII)

(A) 15%

(B) 21%

(C) 25%

(D) 28%

5. Stoma are abundantly present: (LHR-1,GUJ-L,FSD-II,RWP-II]

(A) on upper epidermis of leaf

(B) on stem

(C) in xylem cells

(D) in phloem cells

Biology Unit 2 New Syllabus 2023:

Look at sample MCQs from 10th Biology Unit 2 MCQs from past papers according to alp smart syllabus.

The gift of speaking is given only to: (MTN-GII, SWL-GII)(LHR-1/11, GUD-1/11, SWL-I/II)

(A) Man

(B) Monkey

(C) Parrot

(D) Crow

The larynx is made of: [GUJ-II,FSD-1/BILHR-1/IL,MUL-I/II]

(A) cartilage

(B) trachea

(C) glottis

(D) alveoli

All the alveoli on one side constitute a: (LHR-1/II,FSD-1/11,SWL-1/11, DGK-1/11,


(A) liver

(B) heart

(C) stomach

(D) lung

A muscular passage common to both food and air is: (SWL-GII)(LHR-1/II, SWL-1/11)

(A) pharynx

(B) larynx

(C) alveoli

(D) trachea

The empty space present in nose is called: (LHR-1/II, SWL-1/11, GW-I/11, SGD-II]

(A) Bronchi

(B) Nasal Cavity

(C) Eardrum

(D) Pharynx

blood vessels surrounds the Alveoli. [LHR-L,SWL-I,DGK-I,SGD-1)

(A) Artery

(B) Arteriol

(C) Capillaries

(D) Vein

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