10th Class Mathematics MCQs Urdu Medium Unit Wise PDF

10th Class Mathematics MCQs Urdu Medium Unit Wise PDF. These multiple-choice questions are collected from past papers of Matric annual examinations. All chapter-wise MCQs are according to the syllabus of Punjab Boards. All MCQs are for the students of Matriculation and Teachers for their preparation.

10th Class Mathematics MCQs Urdu Medium

Before you download the 10th class mathematics file let’s have a preview of the whole document. We hope these MCQs will help you in the preparation for 10th Mathematics for the annual examination.

Matric Mathematics MCQs Table Of Contents

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Download Mathematics Chapter Wise MCQs

10th Mathematics Tests MCQs, Short & Long Questions

This portion contains all important MCQs, Short questions, and long questions for practice tests. let’s have a review of mathematics short and long questions from past papers of 10th class annual exams.

Sample Short Questions

1.Define Hook’s Law.
2.If f=4HZ and λ=0.4m then find out v=?.
3.Difference b/w Time period and Frequency.
4.Define Waves and give example.
5.Relation of pitch and frequency.
6.What is intensity of Sound?
7.If V=340ms-1 and λ=0.5m then find out f=?
8.Define compound Microscope?
9.Define total internal reflection.
10.Define refraction of light.
11.Difference b/w pitch and quality.
12.Define Mechanical Waves.
13.If length of the simple pendulum is doubled what will be the change in its time period?
14.What is meant by SONAR?
15.Few uses of ultrasound?

Q1:Find the value of ‘k’ if sum of  the roots of the equation 2kx2 – 3x +4k = 0 is twice the product of the roots

Q2:Find P if the roots of the  equation x2 + 3x + p – 2 = 0 differ by 2.

Q3:Find m if the roots of the equation x2 + 7x +3m – 5 = 0 satisfy the relation 3α – 2β = 4

Q4:Find m if the sum and product of the roots of the following equation is equal to a given number λ.

5x2 + (7 – 2m) x + 3 = 0

Q5: If α , β are roots of the equation  lx2 + mx + n = 0 then find the value

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