11th Biology Unit 11 Bioenergetics Notes According Smart Syllabus

11th Biology Unit 11 Bioenergetics notes of MCQs, short and long questions. 1st-year Biology chapter-wise MCQs, short and long notes. All notes are according to alp smart syllabus 2021.

11th Biology Unit 11 MCQs:

Fsc Biology part 1 chapter Bioenergetics solved MCQs from past papers.

11th Biology unit 11 MCQs
11th Biology unit 11 MCQs

Some example MCQs from 1st year Biology chapter Bioenergetics.

  1. The break down of terminal phosphate of ATP releases energy about:
    (LHR. GI, SWL. GI, 2014) (RWP, BWP. 2019
    (A) 7.0 k cals
    B) 7.3 k cals
    (C) 7.5 k cals
    (D) 8.1 k cals
  2. Chlorophyll a is found in all photosynthetic organisms except:
    (LHR. GII, 2014)
    (A) Diatoms
    (B) Red algae
    (D) Euglena
  3. Chlorophyll absorbs mainly wavelengths of: (LHR. GI, 2015)
    (A) Green color
    (B) Yellow color
    (C) Indigo color
    (D) Violet-blue color
  4. The quantitative study of energy relationship in biological system is called:
    (LHR. GI, GRW. GI, 2014) (GRW. GII, LHR. GII, 2015)
    (A) Bioenergetics
    (B) Biosynthesis
    (C) Biodegradation
    (D) Biotechnology
  5. Important source of atmospheric oxygen, released during photosynthesis is from:
    (LHR. GI, MLN. GI, 2014) (LHR. GII, 2015)
    (A) Water
    (B). Carbon Dioxide
    (C) Nitrates
    (D) Glucose
  6. In mitochondria, the pumping of proton (Chemiosmosis) is across the: (LHR. GI, 2016)
    (A) Outer membrane
    B Inner membrane
    (C) Matrix
    (D) Inter membraneous space
  7. Light wavelength least absorbed by chlorophylls is: (LHR. GI, 2015)
    (A) Violet
    (B) Blue
    (C) Yellow
    (D) Orange
  8. A kind of chemical link between anabolism and catabolism
    (FBD. GI, 2015) (RWP. GI, 2017) (DGK, 2019)
    (A) Protein
    (B) Glucose
    (C ATP
    (D) None of These

Fsc Part 1 Biology Chapter 10 Notes:

11th Biology Unit 11 notes Multiple choice questions.

  1. The maximum absorption peaks of length are: (LHR. GII, 2017)
    (A) 450, 640
    (B) 440, 490
    C) 430, 670
    (D) 550, 650
  2. The process by which pH gradient across membrane drives of formation of ATP is
    called: (LHR. GI, 2014) (GRW. 2018)
    (A) Photosynthesis
    (B) Chemiosmosis
    (C) Photorespiration
    (D) Calvin cycle
  3. The percentage of photosynthesis carried out by terrestrial plants is about:
    (DGK. GII, 2016) (RWP. GI, 2017)
    (A) 10
    (B) 20
    (C) 30
    (D) 40
  4. The first action spectrum was obtained by biologist T.W Engelmann in: (LHR. GII, 2014)
    (A) 1883
    (B) 1938
    (C) 1898
    (D) 1876
  5. In yeast, the products of anaerobic respiration are: (GRW. GI, 2014)
    (A) Methyl alcohol
    (B) Ethyl alcohol
    (C) Lactic acid
    (D) Pyruvic acid
  6. Enzymes involved in cellular respiration are found in:
    (GRW. GHI, 2015)
    (A) Cytoplasm
    (B) Golgi bodies
    C) Mitochondria
    (D) Endoplasmic Reticulum
  7. Magnesium of chlorophyll is replaced in hemoglobin by:
    (SWL. GI, 2016)
    (A) Calcium
    (B) Potassium
    C) Iron
    (D) Phosphorus

1st Year Biology Unit 10 Short Questions:

11th Biology Unit 11 notes of short questions. Most important short questions from past papers of fsc 2014-20219.

1st year Biology unit 11 short
1st year Biology unit 11 short questions

11th Biology Unit 11 Long Questions:

Unit 11 notes of long questions.

11th Biology Unit 11 long questions
11th Biology Unit 11 long questions

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