Chapter 5 Variety of Life MCQs, Short and Long Questions Test

Chapter 5 variety of life practice MCQs from past papers of Fsc part 1. Fsc Biology part 1 unit variety of life online MCQs quiz. Download 11th biology chapter 5 solved MCQs in pdf. Most important MCQs from past annual papers. Short questions of the full unit and important long questions are also given.

Chapter 5 Variety of Life MCQs

Fsc Part 1 Biology Important MCQs of Chapter 5 variety of life. Similarly, we include short questions and long questions from unit 5 11h Biology Variety of life.

Question No. 1: Tick the correct answer
1. AIDS was first of all reported in

a. In females in 1980s
b. In males in 1977
c. In males in 1980 s
d. None
2. Reverse transcriptase is an enzyme that uses

a. Viral DNA astemplate
b. Viral RNA astemplate
c. Host DNA as template
d. Host RNA as template
3. The virus causing AIDS was named as HIV in the year

a. 1980
b. 1984
c. 1986
d. 1990
4. Of the followings which one is DNA virus?

a. Polio virus
b. In fluenza virus
c. Paramyxoviruses
d. Herpes virus
5. Which virus is not spherical in shape?

a. Tubulovirus
b. Infloenza virus
c. Herpes virus
d. All
6. Virus nucleic acid and protein are synthesized by the

a. Virus
b. Host cell
c. Both of these
d. None
7. Prions are infectious agents, made up of

a. RNA
b. DNA
c. P0rotein
d. All
8. Of the followings which is under the definition of vertebrate fish?

a. Shark fish
b. Crayfish
c. Jelly fish
d. Star fish
9. The kingdom protista was introduced by the

a. R. Whittaker
b. John Hogg
c. Linnaeus
d. E. Haeckel
10. Phage viruses were named as bacteriophage by the

a. Twort
b. D’ Herelle
c. Haeckel
d. None

Short Questions of Chapter 5

1. HIV and AIDs are abbreviated for what?
2. Name some viral diseases in Pakistan
3. Write any two characters of Retroviruses
4. L. Pasteur and Charles Chamberland are famous for what?
5. Name five kingdoms of classification
6. Define binomial nomenclature. What introduced this system?

Long questions of 11th Biology Chapter 5 Variety Of Life

Describe the life cycle of bacteriophage

All the above MCQs, short and long questions were for practice purposes for self-assessment. We know that now you want the answer keys to all these questions from the unit variety of life. You can download the answer keys of 11th biology chapter 5 variety of life in pdf. 

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