11th Biology Unit 6 Important Questions

11th Biology Unit 6 most important Questions including MCQs, and short questions. All the questions are from previous Board papers of Fsc annual examinations 2021-23. So if you are looking for chapter-wise solved questions notes are available to download. Remember all the questions are according to the new syllabus of FSC for Punjab, federal, KPK, and Sindh Boards.

These important questions will help you in the preparation for MDCAT and FSC annual exams. Only MDCATUSTAD.COM is a website which is providing free educational content to needy students. The strategy to pass the FSC 1st-year Biology is to prepare each subject unit-wise. Divide and conquer is the best way to achieve good marks.

11th Biology Chapter 6 Important Short Questions

Here you will find 11th Biology Unit 6 Important Questions. Including MCQs, Short Questions, and Long Questions. All material is collected from the previous Fsc final exam.

1. What is the misuse of tetracycline and streptomycin?
2. What are these?
A). Trachoma
b). Heterocyst
3. Explain aerobic and anaerobic bacteria with examples
4. Name the storage products and waste products in bacteria
5. What is a protoplast? How the cell membrane of bacteria differs from eukaryotes?
6. Differentiate b/w Amphitrichate and lophotrichous bacteria

Important Long questions Chapter 5 Kingdom Prokaryotic

Write down the characteristics of cyanobacteria

Fsc 1st Year Unit 6 Important Questions (MCQs)

1. Who coined the term “Animalcule” for microorganisms?

a. Robert Koch
b. Louis Pasteur
c. Alexander Fleming
d. Leeuwenhoek
2. Which structure is not common in all bacteria?

a. Mesosomes
b. Ribosomes
c. Cell membrane
d. Capsule
3. Bacteria reproduce asexually by

a. Binary fission
b. Conjugation
c. Spores
d. External fertilization
4. Bacteria belong to kingdom

a. Prokaryote
b. Monera
c. Fungi
d. Both a & b
5. Nitrifying Bactria is an example of

a. Photosynthetic
b. Symbiotic
c. Chemosynthetic
d. All
6. Accessory genes of bacteria are present in

a. Plasmids
b. Nucleoid
c. RNA
d. Plasmid and Nucleoid
7. Mesosomes are extensions of

a. Cell wall
b. Cell membrane
c. Chromatin body
d. Capsule
8. A thick rigid spiral-shaped bacterium is called

a. Vibrio
b. Spirochete
c. Spirilluim
d. Coccus
9. Gram-positive bacteria stain

a. Purple
b. Pink
c. Green
d. Does not stain
10. True pili are only present in

a. Reproduction
b. Movement
c. Gram negative
d. All
11. If cocci occur in pairs, the arrangement is called

a. Sarcina
b. Tetrad
c. Cocci
d. Diplococcus
12. The rod-shaped bacteria are called

a. Cocci
b. Bacilli
c. Vibrio
d. Spirillium
13. Which of the following radiation is used in sterilization?

a. Beta rays
b. Gamma rays
c. Ultraviolet rays
d. All
14. Which effect kills microbes immediately?

a. Microbicidal
b. Filteration
c. Pasteurization
d. Immunization
15. In bacteria chlorophyll is in

a. Plasmid
b. Cytoplasm
c. Ribosomes
d. Mesosomes
16. In cyanobacteria reserve food is

a. Glucose
b. Glycogen
c. Glycoprotein
d. Lipoprotein

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