11th English Lesson 1 Synonyms, MCQs, Short Questions

11th English Lesson 1 important synonyms, MCQs, Short Questions, Pairs of words, Grammar choose the correct options.

11th English Lesson 1 Synonyms

Norma made a contemptuous noise.
a Scornful
b Beautiful
c Faint
d Dainty
She was curious about the button unit.
a Interested
b Digusted
c Delighted
d Sad
Arthur looked appalled.
a Energetic
b Sleepy
c Pleased
d Shocked
Wondrous light will shine.
a Shining
b Dim
c Murky
d Dusky
The sight would be lovely.
a Ugly
b Clumsy
c Inept
d Beautiful
The raindrops produce sweet noise.
a Melody
b Fruit
c Badtunes
d Ugly faces
How do the leaves that drink water look?
a Brown
b Yellow
c Green
d Dry
What did Norma find inside the button unit?
a Wires
b Nothing
c Transistor
d Tubes
What was steward selling?
a A gadget
b Key
c Nothing
d Button unit
Where did Nora join Arthur?
a In the corridor
b In the elevator
c In the office
d In the kitchen

Lesson 1 Important Short Questions

(1) What was the message Norma received on pushing the button?
(2) Did Norma remain normal on hearing the news of the accident of her husband?
(3) How does the scenery look after rain?
(v) Write the main idea/theme of the poem, “The Rain”.

pairs of words

Heir – Air
Allusion – Illusion
Abject – Object
Angel – Angle

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