11th English Lesson 2 Synonyms, MCQs, Short Questions

11th English Lesson 2 Important|Synonyms|MCQs|Short Questions|Pairs of Words|Clearing in the sky|

11th English Lesson 2 Synonyms

Jess father bragged
a Humiliated
b Boasted
c Disgusted
d Fainted
The sheep dogs slumper on.
a Awake
b Wake
c Sleep
d Bark

Lesson 2 MCQs,

Who makes when the train passes by the farm?
a A woman
b No one
c A baby
d A farmer
How many years did Jess father spend in improving his acres
a 20
b 35
c 25
d 30

He generally _ English.
a Speaks
b Speak
c Will speak
d Would spoke

It often __ in this area.
a Rain
b Raining
c Could rain
d Rains

Lesson 2 Important Short Questions

(i) What were the feelings of the old man at the age of seventy?
(ii) Where did the old man take his son and why?
(iii) Why did Jess father like woods?
(iv) Write the theme of the poem The Night Mail.
(v) What is the reaction of birds at the arrival of the train?

Use the following pairs of words

Beach – Beech
Beside – Besides
Born – Borne
Symmetry – Cemetery

Translate into Urdu.                                                                                                

                        He did not care if it was 97 in the shade or 16 below zero. I swept more sweat from my face as i followed him down the little between the pasture and the meadow.

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