11th english Synonyms A Mild Attack of Locusts

11th english Synonyms ans short questions of lesson A Mild Attack of Locusts. These synonyms are only for practice. No answer keys are given for these synonyms. All Fsc intermediate institutes and academies can use these tests for english assessments.

11th english Synonyms Lesson A Mild Attack of Locusts

1. The farm was ringing with the clamor of the gong.
(a) song
(b) music
(c) silence
(d) uproar
2. Piles of wood and grass had been prepared.
(a) branches
(b) remains
(c) leaves
(d) heaps
3. The farmers were throwing wet leaves on the fire to make it acrid.
(a) bitter
(b) ablaze
(c) lovely
(d) sweet
4 The darkness was like the darkness of a veldt fire.
(a) grassland
(b) ablaze
(c) burning
(d) dim
5. The sunlight was oppressive with the heaviness of the storm.
(a) fresh
(b) stuffy
(c) lovely
(d) light
6. All the trees looked queer.
(a) odd
(b) lovely
(c) huge
(d) upright
7. The sun was blotted out with a fresh onrush of the locusts.
(a) retreat
(b) smell
(c) dose
(d) attack
8. A branch of a tree snapped off.
(a) rose upward
(b) swayed
(c) shot
(d) broke
10. The countryside was devastated and mangled.
(a) ploughed
(b) planted
(c) built
(d) deformed

Short Questions of Lesson A Mild Attack of Locusts

1.What was the desire of every farmer?
2.What was the condition of trees?
3.What were the farmers doing to make the fires acrid and black?
4. Did Margaret know what to do to keep the locusts away?
5. How did old Stephen treat the stray locust which he found in his pocket?

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