11th Mathematics Full Book MCQs Short & Long New Syllabus

11th Mathematics full book unit-wise solved MCQs. 1st-year Mathematics chapter-wise solved past papers Azeem 10 boards according to alp new syllabus 2023.

1st-year Mathematics A Plus solved past annual papers from 2012-2023. Fsc part 1 Mathematics unit-wise solved MCQs, short and long questions from past annual papers of Fsc all Boards of Punjab and Federal.

11th Mathematics Full Book MCQs:

In 2021annual papers of FSC will be taken from the compulsory subjects. So students are much worried about the compulsory subjects. Because due to COVID-19 students could not prepare well. The main reason was the closing of colleges and academies.

So here we have collected short formula for the preparation of Mathematics. By studying these notes of 11th Mathematics full book students can achieve good marks.

These notes contain unit-wise important solved MCQs short and long questions. All the chapter-wise MCQs short and long questions are from past annual papers from 2012-2019 according to alp smart syllabus 2021.

Look at some example Multiple choice questions below.

1- A square matrix A= [aij] is called an upper triangular matrix if
(a) aij≠0 i>j
(b) aij=0 i>j
(c) aij=0 I<j
(d) aij=0 i<j
2- Diagonal Matrices are
(a) Lower triangular only
(b) (b) Upper triangular matrix only
(c) (c) Lower and upper triangular
(d) (d) neither lower nor upper
3- A square matrix A= [aij] is called symmetric matrix if
(a) At=-A
(b) At=A
(c) At=Ā
(d) At=-Ā
4- A square matrix A= [aij] is anti symmetric if
(a) At=-A
(b) At=A
(c) At=Ā
(d) At=-Ā
5- For a skew symmetric matrix A= [aij] diagonal elements must be
(a) 0
(b) 1
(c) 2
(d) -1

1st-Year Mathematics Full Book MCQs:

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11th Mathematics Azeem 10 Boards Past Papers:

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