11th Physics Book By Anees Hussain PDF Download

11th Physics Book By Anees Hussain PDF Download. Anees Hussain Physics book Fsc part 1 contains all chapters MCQs with answer keys. All multiple choice questions are collected from past papers of fsc annual examination Punjab Boards Pakistan.

11th Physics Book By Anees Hussain

Here are some sample multiple choice questions from this book.

Dimensions of power are
A, M]L2T-3
B. M2LIT.2
C, MIL2T-1
The Dimenensions of [1/2 at”2] are that of
A. Acccleration
B. YdOCity
C, Length
D. Tiem
ML2T3 represents the dimension of:
JO. M[: p,wu
B. Work
C. Strain
D. Young’s modulus

  1. K(L-IT0 is the dimensional representation of
    1L Weight density
    B. Linear mass demity
    C. Volume mass density
    D. Surface densky
    µ,Pinhole camera was inveated by
    1L Al-Beruni
    B. Yaqoob AJ-kindi
    C. lbn-A1-Haitham
    D. Al-khwzrizmi
    The fdmous mathematician and founder of Algebra was
    A. Al Kindi
    B. A] Khwarizmi
    C. Al Beruni
    D. Naseruddin Tusi
  2. Zero is significant only if it
    A. Lies to the left of the significant digit
    B. Is between two digits
    C. Is to the right of a significant digit
    D. Is before the decimal point
    Which one of the following Muslim scientists has made a sigifiant contribution to the studyo alchemy
    A. Jabir Bin Hayyan
    B. Abu Abdullab Mulmmnad
    C. Ibn-aj-Haitham
    D, Ilm.e-Sina
  3. The book “Kitab-ul-Qanoon-ul-Masoodi” was written by
    A. Ibn-e-Sina
    B. Al-Razi
    C. Abu-Rehan Al-Beruni
    D. Ibn-al.Haitkm
    The first book on analytical “Hisab-ul-jabrwd-Moqabl” was written by
    A· Al-khawarzami
    B. AI-Bcruni
    Co Al-Razi
    D. Ibn-c-Sina
    0·Yuakul-Manazir” the famous book on optics is written by
    A lbn-c-Sina
    B. AFKhawqin”
    C· Jabir-bin-Hayyan
    D. lbn-ul-Haitham

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