12th English Chapter 9 Hunger and Population Explosion MCQs

12th English Chapter 9 Hunger and Population Explosion solved MCQs. 2nd year English unit 9 past papers solved MCQs. All Boards of Intermediate English MCQs.

12th English Chapter 9 MCQs

Hunger and Population Explosion (Anna Mekenzie)
Choose the correct option of the following underlined words from Book – II (Part-I):
Corn is scare and food is lacking: (AJK. GI, 2015) (SWL. GI, 2011
(A) mean
B) short
(C) long
(D) soft

A tremendous population explosion is taking place: (MLN. GI, 2015) (GRW. GII, 2017) (GRW. GI, FBD. GI, 2011
(A) venerable
(B) remote
(D) glorious

Famine has been a problem since the beginning of time. (SGD. GII, 2011
(A) floods
(B) wars
C) scarsity of food
(D) transportation

Ninc and a half million people perished in a single famine: (GRW.GI. 2014) (BWP.GI, GRW. GI, 2015) (LHR. GII, RWP. GI, FBD. GII, 2011
(A) penalized
(B) suffered
(C) died
(D) deserted

We have the power to abolish war if have the will. (RWP. GI, 201
(A) end
(B) splash
(C) fresh
(D) start

It indicates the greatest paradox of our times. (BWP. GII, 201
(A) fiction
(B) contradiction
(C) grief
(D) relief

The ports of India could not cope with all the ships: (BWP. GI, 201
(A) by
(B) steer
(C) manage
(D) destroy

Joseph averted the widespread disaster by compulsory storage of food. (LHR. GUI, 201
(A) Avoided
(B) Made
(C) Changed
(D) Stopped

We have the power to abolish the war. (DGK. GII, 201
(A) cause
(B) affect
(C) increase
(D) finish

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