12th English Paper Pattern Pairing Scheme

12th English Paper Pattern: Candidates who are studying for the 12th grade yearly examinations and who have been looking for the pairing scheme. In the intermediate, the candidate has the option of choosing from a number of different study groups. The matching strategy for all of the study groups is provided by the board authorities. The students can prepare for the exam in accordance with the guidelines. The mdcatustad.com preset 12th English Paper Pattern. That makes it possible for applicants to access the matching scheme for FSc part 2 without experiencing any difficulties.

The primary goal of providing the pairing program is to guide the students in concentrating on their studies. The students complete the necessary comprehensive preparation for getting good marks in the annual exams. The partnering strategy directs pupils and ensures that they are more prepared for the courses they are studying. It is very important to know 12th English paper pattern 2022 for the students.

Why Is a 12th English Paper Pattern Necessary?

12th English paper pattern scheme 2022 is extremely important for students. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the chapters covered as well as the English exam pattern. The pattern for the 2nd year English paper pattern has provided for both the objective and subjective. So that candidates can devote equal attention to both portions of the subject. Candidates for the 12th grade annual examinations must prepare in accordance with the smart syllabus, which will be used this year in the administration of the exams. The pairing strategy for the second year of other subjects like as chemistry, mathematics, and Urdu from this website.

English Paper Pairing 2022

OBJECTIVE TYPE                         TIME 30 MIN                                   MARKS : 20

Q.1:Book-1 Modern prose and heroes part -13 synonyms
 Book-I Modern Prose and Heroes Part – II3 synonyms
 Good bye Mr. Chips4 synonyms
 Choose correct sentence5
Book Two Lesson No. 1, 31
Book Two Lesson No. 5,71
Book Two Lesson No. 91
Book Two Lesson No.111
Book Two Lesson No.141
Book Two Lesson No.151
Mr. Chips Lesson 1 – 51
Mr. Chips Lesson 6 -101
Mr. Chips Lesson 11-182
PART – I  
LESSON NO. 1:Page No. 3Q.N0. 1 TO 8  Page No.3
LESSON NO. 3:       Page No. 8- 12Q.No. 1-7 Page No.12
LESSON NO. 5:Page No. 16- 19Q.No.1-9 Page No. 19
LESSON NO. 7:Page No. 24 – 27Q.No. 1-6 Page No.27
LESSON NO. 9:Page No. 33 – 37Q.No. 1- 9 Page No.37
LESSON NO. 11Page No.45- 47Q.No. 1 – 8 Page No.47
LESSON NO. 14Page No. 66-74Q.No. 1 – 9 Page No.74
LESSON NO. 15Page No. 75 – 82Q.No. 1 – 9 Page No.82


  • This Novel will be taught completely
  • Question will be devised from all the eighteen chapter of the novel
Corona Pandemic in PakistanMost Important
Technical education 
Computer a blessing or a course 
Important of Muslim unityMost Important
My Favorite Personality  
Women place in our societyMost Important
Drug addicting 
Education In WomenMost Important
Rising prices/Inflation 
CorruptionMost Important
Over Pollution 
Curbing child abuseMost Important
A Cricket Match or any Match like Hockey or Football 
Life in Big city 

Practicing the following:

  • Corrections
  • Preposition
  • Use of Idioms/phrases
  • Translation unseen passage Urdu to English
  • Translate English to Urdu
  • Essays

Other Subject Pairing Scheme 2022

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