12th Mathematics Full Book Paper Unit Wise According New Syllabus

12th Mathematics full book chapter-wise solved MCQs, short questions, Long questions. 2nd-year Maths solved past papers according to ALP smart syllabus 2023.

12th Mathematics A Plus solved original Board papers from 2012-2023. Intermediate part 2 Azeem 10 bords solved past papers according to the new study scheme of New Syllabus 2023.

12th Mathematics Full Book Papers:

Before you download the complete full book papers let’s have a look at some features of these papers.

  • Unit-wise solved MCQs from past papers
  • Chapter wise short questions from past board papers
  • Important chapter-wise solved long questions according to smart syllabus
  • 10 Boards past papers including Punjab, Federal and AJ&K Boards
  • Full Book Model papers accordidng to new study scheme 2021

Sample Questions 2nd Year Mathematics:

Graph the inequality x + 2y <6
Try to Graph the inequality 2x +y 6
Graph the inequality 3x + 7y 21
Solve Graph the inequality 3x – 7y 0
Graph the inequality 5x -4y 20
Define linear programming.
Explain feasible region and feasible solution set.
Define optimal solution.

Prove that the angle in a semi-circle is a right angle.
Find the volume of the tetrahedron with the vertices (2, 1, 8), (3,2,9), (2,1,4), and (3,3,10).
Show that the set of points P (1,3,2), Q (4,1,4), and R (6,5,5) form a right triangle.

Download A PLUS solved past papers of 12th Mathematics in pdf.


Azeem 10 bords solved past papers of 2nd year Mathematics in pdf.


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