12th Mathematics Guess Paper 2021 Free Download

2nd year mathematics guess

12th Mathematics guess paper 2021 with unit-wise MCQs, short and long questions. 2nd-year math guess paper according to alp smart syllabus 2021. This guess paper is for Punjab and Federal Boards.

12th Mathematics Short Questions Guess:

Look at some sample Questions from guess paper. The complete paper can be downloaded at the end of this post.

Find the midpoint of A(-8,3), B(2,-1). , show that points A(0,2) 𝐡 (√3,-1) and c(0,-2) are vertices of right triangle imp,

Find β€˜h’ such that points A(h, 1), B(2,7), and C(-6,7) are vertices of a right triangle with w Right angle at vertex A. imp, P(-2,6) ; (-3,2) Find XY-coordinates.

Convert 4x + 7y – 2 = 0  into slope intercept form and two intercept form v.v.imp Find whether the given points lies above or below the line (5,8) , 2x – 3y + 6 = 0.. find an equation of line through (5,-8) and perpendicular to join of A(-15,-8) B(10,7).

2nd Year Mathematics Unit Wise Long Questions Guess:

The three points A(7,-1) B(-2,2), and C (1,4) are consecutive vertices of a parallelogram. Find the fourth vertex, which will be the equation of two parallel lines perpendicular to 2x-y+3=0 such that the product of x and y-intercept of each is 3 v.v.imp.

Calculate the equation of the vertical line through (-5,3),, find the distance from point P(6,-1) to the line 6x-4y+9=0,

what is the distance between the given parallel line. sketch the lines. Also find an equation of parallel line 3x-4y+3=0, 3x-4y+7=0 imp  ,One vertex of parallelogram.

Download Complete Math Guess 2021:

Math Class 12 Full Book & Unit Wise Tests:

Here are 2nd-year mathematics full book and chapter-wise tests alp 2021. These tests are composed by following the alp smart syllabus 2021 annual exam.

These tests are in sequence of unit 1 to unit 7 important MCQs, short and long questions. Download complete tests from the following link.

Kindly visit the Home page of this site to get all subject’s guess papers and notes. For online practice MCQs quiz of mathematics visit this blog.

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