12th Physics Unit 18 Chapter Wise Past Papers MCQs

12th physics unit 18

12th Physics unit 18 electronics chapter wise past papers MCQs. All MCQs from Intermediate Boards papers from 2014-2018. Download in pdf with answer keys.

12th Physics Unit 18 MCQs:

Rectification is the process of converting:
(A) D.C into A.C
(B) A.C into D.C

Automatic functioning of street lights can be done by the use of:
(A) Inductor
(B) Rectifier
(C) Comparator

In photovoltaic cell, current is directly proportional to:
(GRW. GI, 2014) (GRW. GII, 2015)
(A) Wavelength of light
(B)intensity of light
(C) frequency of light
(D) energy

Which is not a basic logic operation? (DGK. GI, 2014) (FBD. 2018)
(D) OR

Fsc Physics Part 2 Past Papers MCQs:

Truth table of logic function: (BWP. GI, 2016)
(A) Summarize its output values only
(B) Tabulates all its input conditions only
© Display all its input and output possibility
(D) Is not base on logic algebra.

Light emitting diodes (LED) are made from semiconductors.
(LHR. GII, 2015)
(A) Silicon
(B) Germanium
(C) Carbon
(D) Gallium arsenide

A light emitting diode (LED) emits light only when: (LHR. GI, 2015)
(A) Reverse biased
(B) Forward biased
(C) Unbiased
(D) None of these

The output of two input OR gate is zero only when its: (AJK. GI, 2016)
(A) Both inputs are Zero
(B) Either input is zero
(C) Both inputs are one
(D) Either input is one

Logic gates can control some physical parameters like: (MLN. GII, 2017)
(A). Temperature, Pressure
(B) Resistance, Inductance
(C) Capacitance, Impedance
(D) Current, Voltage

Physics Chapter 18 Electronics:

The color of the light emitted by a LED depends on: (. GI, 2016)
(A) Its forward biase
(B) Its reverse biased
(C) Amount of forwarding current
(D) The type of semiconductor material used

Photo diode is used for detection of: (RWP. GI, 2017)
(A) Heat
(B) Magnet
(C) Current
(D) Light

Output of exclusive OR gate is X. (LHR. GII, 2014)
(C) AB+ AB
(D) A.B + A.B

The Boolean equation for exclusive OR-gate is given by: (SWL. 2018)
(A) X = A.B + AB
(B) X= A.B + Ā.B
(C) X = A.B + A.B
(D) X = A.B + A.B

The number of terminals in a semiconductor diode are: (RWP. GI, 2017)
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

Which diode works at reverse biasing? (DGK. GII, 2017)
(B) Photo-voltaic cell
(C) Photo diode
(D) Silicon diode

12th Physics Electronics Past Papers MCQs:

The boolean expression of NAND gate is: (FBD. GI, 2017)
(A) X = A.B
(B) X=Ā.B
(C) X = A.B
(D) X-A.B

The term invertor is used for: (MLN. GII, 2017)
(A) NOR gate
(B) NAND gate
(C) XNOR gate

A photo diode can turn its current ON and OFF in: (MLN. GI, 2017)
(A) Micro seconds
(B) Mega seconds
(C) Nano seconds
(D) Milli seconds

Photo diode detects: (GRW. GI, 2017) (MLN. 2018)
(A) Visible light
(B) Radio waves
(C) X-rays
(D) All of them

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