2nd Year Biology Past Papers Pdf 2014 to 2023 With Keys

2nd year Biology past papers of f.sc with answer keys. Previous Board papers of  Lahore, Gujranwala, Multan, Dgkhan, Bahawal Pur, Sahiwal, Sargodha, Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Past Paper of Biology 2nd year federal Board.

Are you in your second year of biology and need to study for your upcoming tests? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that we have access to past papers and answer keys from 2014 to 2019. This can be a great tool to help you get ready for your next tests. Why not look and find out for yourself? What you find might surprise you!

2nd Year Biology Past Papers:

12th class Biology past papers contain the following Board of intermediate and secondary education. Are you in your second year of biology and want to practice with old tests? Well, you don’t have to look any further. We also have the answer keys. In this blog post, we will share links to PDFs of past papers from 2014 to 2023. So work hard to study, and good luck with your tests!

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Biology Past Papers 2019-23:

Look at sample past paper LahoreBoard annual 2019-23. The objective part of Biology is given below.

Cell death due to tissue damage is called:
(A) Apoptosis
(B) Necrosis
(C) Metastasis
(D) Suicide

The Corpus luteum secretes a hormone called:
(A) Progesterone
(B) Oestrogen
(C) Oxytocin
(D) Testosterone

The enzyme luciferase is Produced in 3n insect ailed:
(A) Houseny
(B) Firefly
(C) Butterfly
(D) Tsetscfly

Bats and hummingbirds are called:
(A) Ectoderm
(B) Endotherms
(C) Ecothems
(D) Heterotherms

The upper layer of the earth’s crust is:
(A) Dust
(B) Sand
(C) Land
(D) Soil

Clear cytoplasm, in an ascidian zygote, produces:
(A) Muscle cells
(B) Larval epidermis
(C) Gut
(D) Notochord

The sclerenchyma cells found in seed coats and nutshells are called:
(A) Fibers
(B) Sclereides
(C) Tmchcids
(D) Vessels

The malpighian tubules remove nitrogenous wastes from the:
(A) Lymph
(B) Haemolymph
(C) Coelomic fluid
(D) Hindgut

The pairing of homologous chromosomes Lb completed in place of meiosis:
(A) Leptolene
(B) Zygotenc
(C) Pachytenc
(D) Diplotcne

Primary succession, which starts in the pond ecosystem b termed as:
(A) Derosere
(B) Hydrosere
(C) Ecosphere
(D) Xeroserc

12th Class Biology Past Paper 2022 MCQs:

The particular array of chromosomes that an individual possesses is called:
(A) Genome
(B) Gcnepool
(C) Karyotype
(D) DNA-Duplex

The simplest form of learning is:
(A) Habituation
(B) Imprinting
(C) Insight learning
(D) Latent kami%

Which of the following biome is most fragile:
(A) Tundra
(8) Desert
(C) Grassland
(D) Forest

Discharge of egg from the ovary is called:
(A) Gametoµncsis
(B) O%cnesis
(C) Ovulation
(D) Menstrual cycle

The disease which causes immobility and fusion of vertebral joints is called:
(A) Arthritis
(B) Rickets
(C) Sciatica
(D) SpoMybsis

Hypophosphatemic rickets is an X·linkd:
(A) Dominant trait
(B) Co-dominant trait
(C) Over-dominant trait
(D) Recessive trait

The Ib frequency of alkk9 at » locus that Decors by ch»tvce h c»ljed:
(A) Geoc pool
(B) Genetic
(C) Genetic drift
(D) Mutation

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