2nd Year Chemistry Book By Anees Hussain PDF Download

2nd Year Chemistry Book By Anees Hussain PDF Download. Fsc chemistry part 2 all chapters solved multiple choice questions topic wise. Download full book in pdf. Anees Hussain notes for 2nd-year Biology.

2nd Year Chemistry Book

Here are some sample multiple-choice questions from this book. Read these MCQs before downloading the book.

  1. grouping, of similar elements and the separation of dissimilar ones, is called:
    Classification of elements
    B. An arrangement
    C periodic functioning of elements
    D. A homologous series
    2. The first attempt to classify elements was made by:
    A. Dobeminer.
    B. ‘ Newland
    C. Mcndleev
    D. Loftier Meyer.
    3. Dob’reiner in 1829: classified many chemically similar elements in three groups known as:
    B. Triads.
    c. Biaa
    D. Trig
    4. Newknd in 1864 arranged the elements in the order of:
    An Increasing atomic weight B. Decreasing atomic weight.
    C. Increasing atomic number D. Decreasing atomic number
    5. Atomic volumes of elements are periodic functions of their atomic weight”. The above statement DP ‘ was proposed by
    A. Domineer
    B. New land
    c “Marmaduke
    d. Lobber Meyer
    6. The properties of the elements arc a periodic function of their atomic weights”.
    A. Law of octaves
    B. Mendeleev’s periodic law
    C Modern periodic law
    D. . New land’s law
    7 “Re physical and chemical properties numbers”. This is known as:
    A. Mendeleev’s periodic law
    C. New land’s law of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic.
    Modem periodic law None of the above
    8. The concepts to classify elements by plotting the atomic weight of elements against their volume was
    made by
    A New land
    B. Determiner
    C. Bohr
    D. Luther Meyer
    9. Number of groups in the modern periodic table is:
    B. 8
    C. 7 D.9
  1. The number of elements in foui1h long period of Modem Periodic table is:
    A. 8
    B. 18
    C. 32
    D. 10
    11ยท TIK basis of Modem Periodic table is:
    A. Atomic weight
    B. Atomic number
    C. Density
    D. Ionization potential

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