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2nd Year Chemistry MCQs With Answers Chapter Wise Pdf

2nd Year Chemistry MCQs

2nd year Chemistry MCQs with answers to all chapters in pdf. 12th class chemistry unit-wise solved MCQs for Fsc and MDCAT entry test. Fsc Chemistry Multiple choice questions with answers pdf.

2nd Year Chemistry MCQs:

Fsc Chemistry part 2 fully solved Multiple choice questions chapter wise. All Multiple choice questions are collected from past papers. Fsc chemistry chapter wise MCQs of Punjab, Federal and Sindh Boards.

Each chapter is provided with more than 100 Multiple choice questions. All chapter answer keys are given at the end of each unit. Here are some example/sample Multiple choice questions from 2nd year chemistry are given below.

1.Which of the following pairs are chemically dissimilar?
(A) Na and K
(B) Ba and Sr
(C) Cl and Br
(D) Ca and Zn

  1. The total number of inner transition elements is:
    (A) 10
    (B) 14
    (C) 28
    (D) 30
  2. The element with valence shell electronic configuration 2s2, 2p3 would be:
    (A) The element of the 4th period
    (B) The element of III –A group
    (C) The element of 3rd period
    (D) The element of 2nd period
  3. Which of the following ions will hydrate more than the
    (A) K1+
    (B) Ca2+
    (C) Na1+
    (D) Al3+
  4. Which of the following has the greatest tendency to lose electrons?
    (A) F
    (B) Cs
    (C) I
    (D) Cl

12th Chemistry Topics:

  • Periodic Classification of Elements
  • Hydrogen
  • s-Block Elements
  • p-block elements
  • Transition elements
  • Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry of hydrocarbons
  • Alkyl Halides
  • Alcohols, Phenols, aldehydes,ketones, Ethers, carboxylic aid & ester
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical Industries in Pakistan

Download Chemistry MCQs Part 2:

Chapter-wise 2nd part of fsc chemistry MCQs can be downloaded from the link given below. These MCQs are for the preparation of Fsc and MDCAT ECAT Entry test preparation.

Chemistry Guess Paper 2021:

We recommend you to download the chemistry 12th class guess paper 2021. This guess paper contains unit-wise important MCQs, short and long questions. This guess paper is composed according to the alp smart syllabus 2021.


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