2nd Year Model Paper Biology 2023 Full Book

2nd-year model paper 2023 of Biology full book. Complete the Book syllabus test of 12th Biology according to the smart syllabus. Fsc Biology 2nd part full syllabus test 2023. 12th Biology Azeem 10 Boards solved Model papers 2023.

Fsc part 2 Biology Model paper is for all the Boards of Punjab, Federal, and AJ&K. Below is the list of 2nd-year Biology Model papers Boards.

  • Lahore Board Biology Model paper 2023
  • Gujranwala Board Biology Model Paper
  • Faislalabad Board Model Paper of 2nd Year Biology
  • Multan Board Model paper
  • Sahiwal Board Biology Model paper
  • D.G Khan Board Model papers

2nd Year Model Paper 2023 Biology

12th Biology full Book objective part of the paper. According to the new study scheme 2023 of intermediate.

The above image is the full book paper of 2nd-year Biology. All Multiple choice questions are according to the new syllabus. Most important the paper is composed according to fsc pairing scheme 2023. There will be total of 17 Multiple choice questions.

Short Questions:

i. Differentiate between osmoregulation and thermoregulation
ii. Define anhydrobiosis with an example.
III. What is lithotripsy?
iv. Explain the ball and socket joints and give an example.
V. What are the differences between the hinge joint and the ball and socket joint? OR Compare
vi. What do you know about rickets? OR Define tickets. Suggest its remedy. Write few lines of disease Rickets.
vii. What are neurotransmitters? Give its examples
vii. Define synapse. / Define the term synapse.
ix. What are the functions of oxytocin hormones?
Differentiate between oviparous and viviparous.
xi. Give the function of interstitial cells of the testis
xii. What is after birth? OR Whát is meant by after birth?

Biology Paper Short Questions Part 2:

i. Define growth correlations. / What are growth correlations? (5-times)
What is discoidal cleavage? (6-times)
What is regeneration? (3-times)
iv. What is the role of promoters in transcription?
V. Differentiate between sense and anti-sense strands of DNA.
vi. What is the universality of genetic code? (3-times)
vii. Define cell cycle. Give its phases. (6-times)
vill. How and when the phragmoplast originates? (3-times)
ix. Distinguish between karyokinesis and cytokinesis. (7-times)
What is a test cross? Give its significance? (4-times)
xi. What are multiple alleles, give its example? (4-times)
xii. What is MODY? Write its causes. Explain the term MODY. (4-times)

Write short answers to any SIX parts.

i. What is the endosymbiont hypothesis? (4-times 2018)
ii. Define species. (3-times)
What are restriction enzymes? Give an example. (7-times)
iv. What are palindromic sequences? Give their significance (4-times)
V. Define food chain and food web only. (5-times)
vi. Give the significance of predation. (6-times)
vii. Compare phytoplanktons with zooplanktons. (3-times)
viii. Give four names of the major terrestrial ecosystems in Pakistan. (3-times)
ix. What are industrial Effluents? Give their role. (3-times


Attempt any THREE questions. Each question carries 08 Marks.
(a) Highlight the role of the liver as an excretory organ. (4-times)
(b). Explain the ultrastructure of myofilaments of skeletal muscle fibers. (4-times)
(a) Discuss the role and commercial application of auxins. (3-times)
(b) What are receptors? Classify and explain each class. (3-times)
(a) Write down the male reproductive system in humans. (4-times)
(b) Give the significance of mitosis.
(a) What is Rh-factor? Describe its role in pregnancy and blood pressure.(3-times)
(b) How are prokaryotes evolved into eukaryotes?(3-times)
(a) Describe predation and parasitism and their significance. (5-times)
(b) Describe the grassland ecosystem

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