9th Class Islamiat Textbook 2023 Download Pdf

9th class Islamiat Textbook in Urdu and English Medium according to Punjab Textbook Board. Islamiat class 9 is a compulsory subject in the Board examinations of Matric. This Book is according to Single National Curriculum (SNC) 2023.

Islamiat’ s new book class 9 pdf is an official book published by Punjab Textbook Board Lahore. You can also download Islamiat LAZMI 9th class book in English Medium. While 9th class Islamiat question answers are also available to download. Following is a list of Boards with textbooks available to download.

  • 9th class Islamiat Textbook Punjab Board
  • Islamiat TextBook of Sindh Board
  • Islamiat Textbook for KPK Board
  • Federal Board Islamiat book 9th class
  • AJ&K Islamiat Textbook for class 9

Islamiat educates pupils on how to practice and understand their faith. If you wish to study the Quran, Hadith, and other religious books, consider taking an Islamiat class. Most schools offer Islamiat as an elective or as part of the curriculum if they have big Muslim populations. Many Pakistani schools require Islamic Studies.

9th Class Islamiat TextBook:

During the school year, it can be hard for students to find their books. This is hard for many people, especially at the beginning of a new school year when books are in high demand. This creates another problem: some students won’t be able to find the supplies they need and won’t be able to follow classroom lectures or discussions.

The only way to fix these problems is to give all students free copies of the texts they need to read so they can get ready for class. Read the list of Topics What you will learn in this book of Islamiat.

Islam is one of the biggest religions in the world, with more than 1.6 billion people who follow it. It is also one of the religions that are growing the fastest, with an estimated growth rate of 2.2% per year. Understanding Islam and its teachings can help people from different religions and cultures get along better. Learning about Islam can also help you understand the political and social situations in many Middle Eastern and North African countries. Also, download 9th all subjects guess papers 2022-23

Review of Islamiat 9th Book:

TitleIslamiyat for 9th Grade
PublisherPunjab Curriculum and Textbook Board
Chapters8 chapters, covering various aspects of Islamic beliefs, practices, and history
Page Count300 pages
Learning OutcomesUnderstanding of Islamic beliefs, knowledge of Islamic practices, awareness of Islamic history and culture, development of moral values and character, and promotion of tolerance and respect for diversity
Top FeaturesClear and concise language, engaging illustrations and photographs, thought-provoking questions, informative margin notes, relevant hadith and Quranic verses, and activities and exercises to reinforce learning
Supplementary MaterialGlossary of Islamic terms, biographies of prominent Islamic personalities, index of Quranic verses and hadiths referenced in the text, and list of additional resources for further study
AssessmentEnd-of-chapter review questions and exercises, as well as periodic quizzes and tests as determined by the school or education board
Islamiat Book Detail

Islamiat Book with Units name and topics covered in this book.

  • قرآن مجید و حدیث نبوی
  • تعارف قرآن مجید
  • ایمانیات و عبادات
  • سیرت نبوی
  • اخلاق و آداب
  • حسن معاملات ومعاشرت
  • ہدایت کے سر چشمےاور مشاہیر اسلام
  • اسلامی تعلیمات اور عصر حاضر کے تقاضے

It helps you study for a test or exam and review material. It usually has practice questions, summaries of the most important ideas, and other ways to help you study. Review books are helpful for many students, especially if they are having trouble with a certain subject. Check out the this Islamiat Textbook if you want a book to help you prepare for the next school year.

Download 9th Islamiat Book Pdf Punjab Board:

Islamiat Book Urdu MediumDownload
Islamiat Book English MediumDownload
9th Class Islamiat TextBook

9th Islamiat Book Pdf KPK Board:

Islamiat Book Urdu MediumDownload
Islamiat Book English MediumDownload
9th Class Islamiat TextBook

Sindh Board Islamiat Book:

Islamiat Book Urdu MediumDownload
Islamiat Book English MediumDownload
9th Class Islamiat TextBook

Federal Board Islamiat TextBook:

Islamiat Book Urdu MediumDownload
Islamiat Book English MediumDownload
9th Class Islamiat TextBook

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