9th Class Mathematics Notes Urdu & English Medium

9th class mathematics notes according to alp smart syllabus 2021. Mathematics full book notes with solved exercises, MCQs, short and long questions.

9th Class Mathematics Notes:

  • Urdu version notes 9 class mathematics
  • English medium notes with solution
  • chapter-wise MCQs
  • Unit-wise MCQs with answer keys
  • According to smart syllabus 2021
  • MCQs from past papers of Punjab Board annual examiantion


Full Book MCQs Notes:

Full book solved multiple choice questions of 9th Mathematics. These solved MCQs are according to alp smart syllabus 2021.


Mathematics Unit Wise Test:

Mathematics test from unit 1 to 8 with the solution. This paper is from past annual papers of the Punjab board. Fully followed by alp smart syllabus 2021.


Class 9 subject Mathematics test from unit 9 to 17 with MCQs, short and long. This version of the paper is in Urdu and English medium.


Short questions test from units 1 to 17. All these short questions are from past board papers of Punjab Pakistan.


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