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AMC Test Preparation Books: If you want to get into Army Medical College, you’ll have to pass their entry test, which has two parts: the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and the Aptitude Test (GT). You can only get so far by studying from the books that AMC gives you as part of their preparation package. To really do well on the MCQ, you need to practice with real questions that are similar to the ones on your test day. Here is a complete set of all Books for the preparation of AMC MDCAT preparation Book 2022. You can download the following books in pdf.

  • Book Name: AMC Admission Test Preparation Guide
  • Subject: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English
  • Content: Solved Past papers of Army Medical College
  • Personality Tests
  • Type: PDF Book
  • Questions: MCQs Collection
Book Name:MCQs Ration:
AMC Biology MCQs Book35% MCQs
Chemistry MCQs Book25% MCQs
Physics MCQs Book20% MCQs
English MCQs Book25% MCQs
AMC Test Preparation Books

AMC Test Preparation Books:

The AMC Entrance Exams may test you on things that aren’t your strong points, but if you know them inside and out, you can get an edge on test day. Also, the AMC Entrance Exam covers topics that don’t have anything to do with your undergraduate degree. If you use books to study for the AMC Entrance Exam, you can learn how to do well in these areas so you can do well on the test. Getting help with these parts can make the difference between passing and failing the AMC Entrance Exam.

This is true whether you study on your own or take a course to prepare for the test. Here are some examples of common practice tests and study guides for the AMC Entrance Exams. These books are from all publishers like Dogar, Ilmi, KIPS, STARS, and Grip. Also’ download ERA Institute Book

AMC Entry Test Prep Guide:

The AMC is in charge of making and releasing official tests. They tell you what will be on your tests and can help you make a good plan for studying. But don’t put too much faith in these guides because they sometimes have wrong information or information that is no longer accurate. Some unofficial sources, like private coaching companies and textbooks, maybe more accurate or useful for your needs. It depends on what kind of material you want. Before you buy a guidebook or any other study materials, it’s best to ask a coach if you’re not sure. AKU Entry Test 2022 Criteria

Even though there is no set number of times you should read through your book, we suggest that you do so several times before your test. By doing this, you can familiarize yourself with your content and make sure you haven’t forgotten any important details. People often make flashcards out of each section of their books and study those before a big test. This works just as well for books as it does for flashcards, so try taking notes on some important points before going back for a second read. The better you know your material, the more likely you are to do well on tests.

Army Medical College MCAT:

When you take the AMC MCAT test for the first time, it’s normal to feel like you’re not ready. The AMC MCAT test isn’t just any old test. In fact, it’s one of Pakistan’s most difficult tests for getting into college. There are a lot of resources out there that can help you prepare for the AMC MCAT test, which is good news. If you know where to look, you can easily find free online access guides and practice materials that can help you prepare even more than the actual AMC MCAT test itself. On top of those, some people who have already passed the AMC entrance exam have written books and study guides. Don’t forget about these resources, because they can give you a huge edge over other candidates.

AMC Biology Exam Prep Book:

No, not always. You can prepare on your own for the AMC entrance exam by making a list of the things you need to learn and then going over them. But it’s a good idea to get extra help in areas where you’re having trouble. Check out a study guide or book that is meant to help you prepare for the AMC test and see if that helps. I wouldn’t recommend studying from one of those huge master guides unless it covers exactly what you’re looking for or if they do a great job of covering all the necessary information thoroughly and correctly.

AMC Chemistry Prep Book:

This book covers the Chemistry curriculum in a clear and concise way. You can use it as a complete guide to help you study for the AMC exam, whether you do it on your own or get regular lessons at AMCHS. If you did Self Study before signing up for the AMC Exam, this is the book for you.

This book explains all of the important things you need to know about chemistry for the Academy exam in clear, easy-to-understand language with relevant worked-out examples. It will help you not only pass the MDCAT and JEE Main exams, but also get the best seats in NITs, IIITs, and FDS courses like B.Tech and MCA.

Physics Book For AMC Admission Test:

If you want to get a score of 90% or higher on the AMC exam, you must do physics MCQs. Most of the questions on the AMC 2022-23 test are about Physics, so it is important to study Physics. You can practice on your own time by downloading free AMC Physic MCQs.

Also, read up on all current events, since every year some new topics may come up on the entrance exam that students may not know about. Stay up-to-date by reading the most recent news articles. Make sure to read all of the MCQs and answer them at least once a week until you can do them well on your own without looking at books or previous answers.

English Preparation Book For AMC Admission Test:

For people to get into Armed Forces Medical Colleges, they have to pass the AMC exam. The goal of these tests is to find people who are technically and mentally ready for first-year medical school at Army Medical College in Islamabad, Pakistan.

This book has multiple-choice questions for English comprehension that cover vocabulary, cloze tests, antonyms and synonyms, sentence completion, and English grammar rules (declension and conjugation). It is very important for people studying for the AMC entrance test.

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