Anees Hussain Biology Book Fsc Part 2 PDF Download

Anees Hussain Biology Book FSC part 2. This book contains chapter-wise multiple choice questions. All MCQs are fully solved with answer keys. FSC is hard, which every student knows. To get the best results, you need to have all the tools you need and know how to use them well. That means using the right helping/key books and knowing how to read them.

A well-written biology key book will help you get through this hard class and will show you how to learn in a fun way. In this article, we’ll are providing you with the best biology key book for the FSC Part 2 exam. And make sure you get the most out of it as you study.

Anees Hussain Biology Book:

It’s important to have a good textbook if you want to do well in FSC Biology. The information that students need to understand biology can be found in Anees Hussain’s Book of Biology. Students can also use a biology textbook to help them study for tests. Here are some important questions and answers that a biology textbook should have.

1. Freshwater bony fishes maintain water balance by:
a. Excreting salt across their gills
b. Periodically drinking small amounts of water Excreting a hypotonic mined. Excreting wastes in the form of uric acid

  1. Which of these are most likely to excrete a semi-solid nitrogenous waste:
    a. Nephridia
    b Mdphigian tubul%
    c Human kidneys
    d. All of these
  2. In hurrwn% water is:
    a. Found in glomerular filtrate
    b. Reabsorbed from the nephron
    c In the urine
    ยท All of these are correct
  3. Pressure filtration is associated with the:
    a Glomerular capsule
    b. Distal convoluted tubule
    c. Collecting duct
    d All of
  4. The mechanism by which the internal condition of the living body is properly maintained and regulated is known as
    a Thermoregulation
    b. Osmoregulation
    c Homeostasis
    d. All of them

Biology Book Fsc Part 2 MCQs:

  1. The point at which the process of ultra alteration takes place is
    a. Loop of Henle
    b. Proximal tubule
    c. Distal tubule
    d Glomerulus
  2. The type of kidney stones which can also cause infection in the kidney is
    a. 5%
    b. 30%
    c 70%
    d. 25%
  3. Oxygen is the byproduct for plants during the process of
    a Photosynthesis
    d. Respiration
    d. All
  4. is responsible to check the concentration of urine.
    a. Collecting duct
    b Glomemlus
    c. Loop of Henle
    a. Bowman’s capsule
  5. In plants the waste
    product is used in the chemical processc% they are not removed from the body.
    a Ions
    b. Water
    c Nitrogenous
  6. A plant-like produces roots on the soil surface so they can absorb water very quickly before they evaporate.
    a Cactus
    b. Pinus
    c. Acacia
    d. Fhnyan
    12. Some plants do not face dry conditions, so they pass this dry condition in the form of seeds, Such plants are called
    an Ephemeral plants
    b. Succulent plants
    c. Xerophytes
    d. All of them
  7. Those animals which can not maintain their body temp are known as
    a. Homeotherms
    b Poikilotherms
    c. Warm-blooded
    d. none of these
  8. If o.9gm of NaCl is dissolved in a pool of water, it is the solution.
    a. Hypertonic
    b. Hypotonic
    c Isotonic
    d. None of them
  9. Fish do not drink water.
    a. Marine water
    b Fresh meter
    c. Both

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