Azeem Academy Physics Book Fsc Part 1 For Entry Test

Azeem Academy Physics Book Punjab Group of Colleges Edition. Download Pdf book for entry test preparation of MCAT, ECAT, Nust, Agha, Giki, Nts, Ucp and all universities entry test.

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This book contains Fsc part 1 chapter wise subjective and objective like

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Sample MCQs from This Book

Which of the following is not a base unit in the SI system:
(a) Temperature
(b) Amount of substance
(C) Light intensity
(d) Area
The minimum number of physical quantities that define other physical quantities in the SI system are:
(a) Two
(b) Three
(C) Five
(d) Seven
Which of the following is not a unit of time:
(a) Leap year
(b) Light year
(C) Lunar month
(d) Micro-second
The three-dimensional angle subtended at the center of the sphere by an area of its surface equal to the
square of the radius of the sphere is called:
(a) Radian
(b) Ste radian
(C) Degree
(d) All of the above
The ratio of I manometer to 1 attometre is equal to:
(a) I Peta
(b) I tera
(C) I Giga
(d) I mega
A precise measurement is the one which has:
(a) Less absolute uncertainty
(b) Less percentage uncertainty
(C) Large fractional uncertainty
(d) Large absolute uncertainty
The accuracy of a measurement depends on:
(a) Absolute uncertainty
(b) Quality of the instrument
(c) Percentage uncertainty.
(d) Calibration of the scale
Number of the significant figure with increasing degree of approximation:
(a) Decreases
(b) Increases
(C) Remains unchanged
(d) None of the above
Solid angle subtended at the center by a sphere is:
(a) 2π
(b) 47π
(C) 6π
(d) 8π
A second pendulum strikes in a day:
(a) 3600 times
(b) 86400 times
(C) 43200 times
(d) 0.003 sec

Summary Of Azeem Academy Physics

Hopefully this book will help you a lot in entry test preparation. Azeem Academy Physics notes fsc part 1 with mcqs and assessments.

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