Biological Molecules Chapter No-2 11th Biology Notes

Biological Molecules Unit 2 11th Biology notes of MCQs, short and long questions. Download 1st-year Biology notes of chapter 2. This test paper contains important MCQs and short questions.

Biological Molecules MCQs 11th Biology

Fsc part 1 Biology chapter no-2 Biological Molecules most important MCQs, Short Questions and Long Questions.

Tick the correct answer
1. Which is not on the list of macromolecules?
a. Amino acid
b. Cellulose
c. Fat
d. Protein
2. Some substances are the immediate sources of energy for cellular metabolism e.q
a. Amino acid
b. Fatty acid
c. ATP
d. Glycerol
3. Which is not present in carbohydrates?
a. N
b. O
c. H
d. C
4. Of the following which one is dihydroxyacetone?
a. C3H6O3
b. C4H8O4
c. C5H10O5
d. C¬6H12O6
5. It gives a red color with iodine
a. Glycogen
b. Starch
c. Cellulose
d. Amylopectin
6. Amount of water in living cells varies from
a. 75 – 89 %
b. 70 – 89 %
c. 60 – 89 %
d. 65 – 89 %
7. Rubber is an example of
a. Acylglycerols
b. Terpenoids
c. Waxes
d. Carbohydrates
8. What is the number of carbon atoms in butyric acid?
a. 8
b. 16
c. 18
d. 4
9. Histones are present present in
a. RNA
b. DNA
c. Chromosomes
d. Glycoproteins
10. In which of the following animals, cellulose can be digested?
a. Omnivores
b. Herbivores
c. Carnivores
d. None
11. Lipids may combine with protein to form
a. Glycolipids
b. Lipoprotein
c. Glycoprotein
d. Nucleoprotein
12. Of the following which one is double-ringed?
a. Guanine
b. Cytosine
c. Thiamine
d. Uracil

Short Questions of Biological Molecules

1. Define conjugated molecules with examples
2. Define transcription. Name the types of RNA
3. NAD and CTP are abbreviated for what?
4. Differentiate b/w Fibrous proteins and Globular proteins with examples
5. Explain hemoglobin and insulin
6. Sketch a). Phosphatidic acid b). Phosphatidylcholine
7. Sketch a). Glucopyranose b). Ribofuranose

Long Questions Fsc Part 1 Biology Chapter-2

a). Explain the secondary and tertiary structure of the protein
Practical You are provided with Fehling solutions and write a biochemical test.

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