Biology Guess Paper 2021-23 2nd Year Punjab Boards

Biology Guess Paper 2021-23: Complete the 12th class Biology syllabus guess paper 2022-23 according to the new curriculum. Recently, educational ministers from the Punjab province of India announced a policy for a promotion that does not require tests. Now the paper will be from the whole syllabus of FSC Biology part 2.

No chapter/Topic is skipped from the syllabus 2023. So read all the syllabus to achieve good marks. But the time is short and no one can cover the whole syllabus with revision. This guess paper Biology will save your time. After reading this guess paper you may be able to achieve good grades in the FSC examination.

Biology Guess Paper 2021-23:

After that, each and every student of Fsc is a little bit worried about the annual examination in 2022-23. Because due to COVID-19 the students could not study the complete syllabus.

For this reason, Govt of Punjab issues a smart syllabus to facilitate the students. Now the coming annual exam in 2022-23 will be according to the full-length syllabus.

But here is a golden opportunity for the candidates who are going to attempt the annual exam of Fsc in 2023. We have composed a complete guess paper for 2nd-year Biology.

2nd-year Biology guess paper 2022 is according to the new pairing scheme of Fsc. While this guess paper is composed of a new syllabus 2023 issued by Govt of Punjab Pakistan.

2nd Year Biology Paper Pattern:

There are 17 Multiple choice questions in the objective part of the guess paper. Each MCQ carries 1 mark. In the subjective part of the 2nd-year Biology guess paper Section 1 contains 12 short questions. Candidates will have to attempt 8 out of 12 questions. Here are unit 25 MCQs. Each short question has 2 marks. In 2nd subjective part, there will also be 12 short questions. Candidates will have to attempt 8 out of 12 questions.

In 3rd subjective part, there is a total of 9 short questions. Candidates should attempt 6 out 9 questions. In the last part of the Biology guess paper, there are a total of 5 long questions. But candidates have to attempt only 3 long questions. 2nd-year Biology guess paper 2022-23 can be downloaded from the link given below.

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