BISE BWP Chemistry Leaked Paper 2nd Year 2023 Pdf

BISE BWP Chemistry leaked the original paper 2023 new syllabus in pdf. 12th class Chemistry annual paper of BWP Board subjective part.

As we know a few days ago in Sindh some annual papers were leaked before paper time. The same story occurred in Punjab.

BISE Bahawalpur Board 2nd year chemistry paper of 2nd time has been leaked. Now it has gone viral on social media. No action is taken by the Board authorities still.

BISE BWP Chemistry Leaked Paper 2023:

Here is a complete paper of the 12th chemistry annual paper which has been leaked.

Why melting and boiling points of elements belonging to groups VA-VIIA are lower?
Beryllium is resistive to complete oxidation Why?
What are the two major problems and their solutions for Nelson’s cell or Diaphragm cell?
Give some names of allotropic forms of group IV. Group elements.
While is the inert pair effect?

Nitric acid is transported in Al containers. Why?
Oh, Boy TINOvcan be prepared in the laboratory? ..
Sulfur can show different oxidation states but oxygen not. How”?
Give the chemistry of getting of cement in the first 24 hours.

Write a note on diammonium phosphate.
What is the raw material for the formation of the Portland cement?

2nd Year Chemistry Short Questions From Leaked Paper:

a) Fluorine is better oxidizing than chlorine. How?
(b) Bleaching powder is not used to bleach costly fabrics. Why?
(c) How are halogen acids ionized in water? Also, give the chemical equations.
(d) State d-d transition?

(e) Damaged protective layer of tin is more dangerous than non-plated iron. Explain
(f) Convert benzene to benzoic acid
(g) Which information gives the X-rays analysis of benzene”?
(h) How a -hydroxy parade is produced from aldehydes and ketones?
(i) What is the sodium nitroprusside test?

(a) Differentiate between homocyclic and heterocyclic compounds?
(b) 2-Butyne cannot show geometrical isomerism but 2-Butene does. Give reason.
(c) Prepare alkanes from Clemmensen and Wolf-Kishner reactions.
(d) How HOCI is added into ethene? Give reaction.

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