BISE DGKHAN Marks Improvement Policy 2022 Matric and Inter

BISE DGKHAN Marks Improvement Policy 2023. Members of staff for the Board of Secondary and Higher Education in Dera Ghazi Khan. Sheikh Amjad Hussain said students┬ácan take advantage of four chances to do well on the examinations. In his speech, he said that candidates who took the Matriculation / Inter-Annual Exams 2022. Or later and didn’t get at least 50% of their marks can improve their grades in three years.

BISE DGKHAN Marks Improvement Policy 2023:

You can take the exam to improve your marks four times. However, once the grade is better, such as a grade ‘C’ or better or 50% or more marks, you can’t use the rest of your chances. It was Sheikh Amjad Hussain who said that in light of this decision or policy, he said. Until the candidates improve their grades, they can use the “Improvement of Marks” option for three years after they finish their Intermediate or Matriculation exams. This option will be conditional on them being able to move up to a higher class.

Amjad Hussain said that because of the decision, only those candidates who have 50 percent or more marks after improving their grades or have a grade of “C” or better will be able to take the test. Will no longer be able to improve their marks.

It is important to note that in the past, this option of improving your marks was only available once, and it was only available for two years after you passed the actual exam. According to the new policy, candidates who are interested in applying for admission should do so right away. They should follow the instructions on the Board website,, to make sure they do so in both online and paper form.

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