Caravan Biology MCQs Pdf For Fsc and Entry Test

Caravan Biology MCQs Pdf For Fsc and Entry Test preparation. Fsc Biology MCQs with the answer by Caravan series. This Biology MCQs book contains chapter-wise fully solved MCQs. The students of Fsc 1st-year and 2nd-year can download this book for future exams. Do you want to become a doctor and are looking for the best book to help you prepare for the FSc and MDCAT exams?

  • Fsc Part 1 Biology all unit’s objective MCQs
  • 2nd Part Intermediate/2bd-Year Biology unit-wise solved MCQs
  • MDCAT Preparation helpful material and previous papers MCQs
  • NTS, PPSC, and FPSC Test preparation MCQs

Strengthen Your Biology Concepts:

When you first start studying for an exam, it can be hard to take on a long biology textbook. Thank goodness, MCQs (multiple choice questions) are already set up and organized in MCQs books, so there’s less to worry about. Just learn little bits of information at a time, and then test yourself later.

Biology is a hard subject to learn, so taking things one step at a time will get you much further than trying to do too much at once. An Mcqs book like caravan Biology Book for Grade 11 & 12 is made for students who are getting ready for tests. Each page of your textbook has one or two questions from each unit. Cover up the answers so you can test yourself without any help.

Caravan Biology MCQs Format:

Biology is reportedly the most significant FSc and MDCAT topic. Biology ideas are used in physics, chemistry, and even math. Whether you’re studying for FSc or MDCAT, a biology refresher will help. At least 80% of your grades should come from the core curriculum, therefore do well on multiple-choice problems (MCQs).

Many reports suggest that 60% of exam questions will be MCQs. If you’re good with biology concept questions, you should be good overall. First, look at some sample multiple-choice questions from this book. A download link is given at the end of this post.

He first developed the technique of vaccination
(a) Louis Pasteur
(b) Edward Jenner
(G) Gregor Mendel
(d) Beadle & Tatum

In Chemotherapy
(a) CancerouS parts are exposed to shod wave radiation
lb) Adm|n|suatlng certain anti-cancerous chemicals
to the patient
(c) Gene therapy
(d) All of these

A technique used to repair the defective genes
(a) Gene therapy
(b) Integrated disease management
(C) Bioremediation
(d) Cloning

The technique to replace normal genes is known as
(a) Cloning
(C) Genetic engineering
(b) Gene therapy
(d) Chemotherapy

All of the following can treat cancer. except
(a) Radiotherapy
(b) Chemotherapy
(C) Gene therapy
(d) Antibiotics

All of the following are insoluble in water except
(a) Cellulose
(b) Glucose
(C) Fats
(d) Proteins

Fsc Biology MCQs Examples:

The molecule is unstable and is.the immediate source of energy
(a) Amino acids
(b) Glucose
(C) Adenosine triphosphate
(d) Fatty acid

Part of our body has 85% water
(a) Bones
lb) Brain
(C) Muscles
(d) Skin

When 1g of water is heated from iSQC to 16°C, heat absorbed is
(a) 10 Calories
(b) 1 Calorie
(C) 2 Calories
(d) 5 Calories

Evaporation of only two ml of water out of one liter lowers the temperature of the remaining water by
(a) 10 °C
(b) 1 ‘C.
(C) 2 °C
(d) 5 °C

Animals obtain carbohydrates mainly from
(a) Glucose
(b) Starch
(G) Sucrose
(d) Glycogen

In-plant cells the excess glucose is convened into
(a) Cellulose
(b) Galactose
(C) Sucrose
(d) Slarch°

Glycogen is chemically
(a) Monosaccharide
(b) Disaccharide
(c) Ohgosaccharide
(d) potysaccmnde

In animal cells, polysaccharides are stored in the form of
(a) Starch
(b) Glycogen
(C) Sugar
(d) Oil

Polysaccharide gives a red color with iodine
(a) Cellulose
(b) Glycogen
(C) Starch
(d) Chitin

The most abundant carbohydrate in nature
(a) Cellulose
(b) Glycogen
(C) Starch
(d) Chitin

The pure form of cellulose is
(a) Wood
(b) Paper
(c) Cotton All these

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