Caravan Elementary School Educator Guide 2023

Caravan elementary school educator guide 2023 download in pdf. The complete guide for the latest educator’s jobs through the PPSC and NTS syllabus 2023. By reading this book the candidates of Primary school and elementary school applicants can achieve passing marks. The recruitment of SST will be through PPSC. While the recruitment of ESE Arts & Science posts will be through NTS.

  • Urdu (Primary & Elementry Level )
  • Islamiyat & Social Study (Primary & Elementary Level)
  • English (Primary & Elementry -eve )
  • k Instructional Planning, Strategy es, Learning Environment, and pedagogy
  • Course Content of Math (Primary Level)
  • Course Content of Science (Primary Level)
  • Current Affairs I General Know edge

Educator recruitment Policy for 2023:

At a press conference, Education Minister Dr. Murad Ras said that NTS will be used to hire teachers in scales 14 and 15, while PPSC will be used to hire teachers in scale 16. The test will be about things you learn in school. The arts group will have one general test that will cover Urdu, English, Islamiat, Pakistan Study, Geography, Basic Math, Everyday Science, Computer, Current Affairs, and General Knowledge. The science group will also have one general test. 50% of it will be based on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, and Math, and 50% will be based on Urdu, English, Pakistan Study, Current Affairs, Islamiat, Computer, and General Knowledge. Hafiz Quran will get 5 more points on the merit scale.

Start getting ready, everyone. In September, there is a lot of hope for regular advertising. The hiring process will be done by the end of December, and the new employees will start in January 2023.

Caravan Elementary School Educator Guide:

The following topics are covered in this guide for elementary school teachers.

  • Past papers of elementary school teacher’s recruitment
  • واحد جمع
  • ضرب المثل
  • سابقے لاحقے
  • محاورات
  • تزکیرو تانیث
  • جملے
  • شعرا کے حالات زندگی
  • ادبی اصطلاحات
  • شعری اصطلاحات
  • غلط صحیح فقرات
  • مصادر
  • متفرق معلومات اردو
  • سابقہ پیپرز

Caravan Guide English Part:

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Direct in Direct
  • Passive voice
  • Active voice
  • Grammar
  • Prepositions
  • Logical reasoning
  • Correct and Incorrect
  • Words with appropriate prepositions
  • Sentence completion
  • English from the primary level
  • English from the elementary level
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Science
  • General knowledge
  • Current affairs
  • Sports updated
  • Fill in the blanks

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