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Cell structure and function MCQ with answers pdf download. Class 11th Cell Biology MCQs with an explanation of practice MCQs. These free multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with answers about cell structure and function are to test your knowledge of the subject.

They talk about everything from the different stages of mitosis to the types of cells that control how animals move. There are a lot of different things they talk about. Thanks to the answers and explanations for the multiple-choice questions, you can test your knowledge and learn something new at the same time.

MCQs On Cell Structure & Function:

Scientists have used microscopes to look at and draw pictures of cell structures like mitochondria (the cell’s power source), ribosomes (factories that make proteins), lysosomes (a cell’s grocery store), the nucleus (which holds genetic information), and vacuoles (liquid holding). What’s that? Answer: Mitochondria.

Mitochondria are one-way bags. They store things that cells need to make energy. Ribosomes are on the side of the plasma membrane that faces the cytoplasm. The ER-Golgi network is made up of these two parts. Lysosomes help break down and digest food. They can add to what they already have. Cells are an important part of the first year of biology.

To better serve you, we’ve made a list of the most important and frequently asked multiple-choice questions. First, we’ll make multiple-choice questions based on the information in each cell. You can download a paper that has all the questions and answers about the topic.

Example MCQ Cell Structure

  • Q1) Why do we call these structures plastids?
  • Q2) What is a centriole made up of?
  • Q3) Where do microtubules play a key role in nerve impulse transmission?
  • Q4) Explain how mitochondria are responsible for aerobic respiration. Figure Based Questions (Max 25 marks per figure-based question):
  • Q5) What are amphipathic molecules like phospholipids and sphingomyelin important for within cells?
  • Q6) What organelle is shown below as a light blue circle labeled y?
  • Free-Response Questions (Max 30 marks): Choose any TWO questions from above.

(C)       Aero tolerant anaerobic bacteria.

(D)       Obligate anaerobic bacteria.

The correct answer is choice D. Here is the explanation.

Cell Structure and Function MCQs With Answers with answers. MCQs-Cell Structure & Function notes are available in pdf.

The Cell MCQs In Pdf:

As we gave an example of a single Multiple choice question from the MDCAT topic The cell. There are more than 15 solved MCQs with explanations in this pdf file. Download the complete solved MCQs file from the below link.

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Cell structure and Function MCQs

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