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Cell structure and function MCQ with answers pdf download. Class 11th Cell Biology MCQs with an explanation of practice MCQs.

MCQs On Cell Structure&Function:

Most important part of Biology and introduction is The cell topic. So we have collected most important and previously used Multiple choice questions.

First we would like to write some example Multiple choice questions from the topic The cell. Complete file of Whole topic solved MCQs can be downloaded at the end of this post.

Cell Structure and Function Example MCQ:

1. Hyperbaric oxygen may be used as a treatment for certain types of bacterial infections. In this therapy, the patient is placed in a chamber in which the partial pressure of oxygen is significantly increased, increasing the partial pressure of oxygen in the patient’s tissues. This treatment is most likely used for infections with:

(A)       Obligate aerobic bacteria.

(B)       Facultative anaerobic bacteria.

(C)       Aero tolerant anaerobic bacteria.

(D)       Obligate anaerobic bacteria.

Correct Answer is choice D. Here is the explanation given below.

D Obligate anaerobes cannot survive in the presence of oxygen and would likely be killed by such a therapy, treating the infection.

The other types of bacteria listed can all survive in the presence of oxygen, so infections involving these bacteria would likely not be treated using this therapy.

The Cell MCQs Pdf:

As we gave an example of single Multiple choice question from MDCAT topic The cell. There are more than 15 solved MCQs with explanation in this pdf file.

Cell Structure and Function complete pdf file can be downloaded from the link given below.

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