CERN Summer Student Internship Program 2022

CERN Summer Student Internship: Have you ever wanted to work on the Large Hadron Collider or help launch one of the world’s largest satellites to space? CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, offers summer internship opportunities to students all over the world, including students in STEM fields, which are crucial to CERN’s mission and goals.

If you’re interested in applying, be sure to read this post so you know what it takes to land an internship at CERN. We’ll also tell you how to write your resume and cover letter, prepare for interviews and tests, and get financial aid if you need it!

The International Student Office of CERN announces that the application process for the CERN Summer Student Program 2022 is now open and is currently accepting applications. Applicants who have graduated from either undergraduate or graduate programs are eligible to apply for this internship program, which provides full funding for participants.

A student participating in the CERN Student Program 2022 would spend a total of three months abroad: one and a half in Switzerland. We encourage students to apply for this program and study in Switzerland for two months. It is not necessary to take the IELTS or any other English test because this is a short-term program and all costs are covered.

CERN Summer Student Internship Details:

Applicants do not have to pay to submit their application but must be available for two months in order to be considered for this program. All levels of the university are eligible to apply for the Fully Funded Students program in Switzerland. Read through the information below before submitting your application to participate in the CERN Administrative student Program 2022.

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Country/Location Switzerland, Geneva
Department CERN
Total Seats 120
Facilities Fully Funded
Closing Date 1st August 2022

CERN Program Advantages:

An allowance of three thousand, three hundred nineteen Swiss francs. Roundtrip travel, airfare included.  An additional monthly allowance for the family. Pay leaves of 2-5 days will be given out monthly.

Majors & Speciality:

The CERN Administrative student Program 2022 gives students the opportunity to specialize in the following areas and majors: Work-related to human resources and advanced secretarial duties. Administration of business activities Logistics Law Financial Accounting. Information science and library management engineering administration. Public relations, education, audiovisual communication, and the dissemination of scientific information, Psychology, Audit, Engineering Fields, and Translation.

Criteria of Eligibility:

Candidates must have a good understanding of either English or French. If you have 18 months of study time during the undergraduate level (Masters or Bachelors). Those students enrolled in college as full-time students can remain in the country for periods from two to twelve months.

Necessary Documents:

It is required for applicants to submit a reference letter written by their university professors. In addition to that, you need to include a letter of motivation. Recent copies of any academic transcripts you may have. Before the deadline, these files need to be uploaded onto an online storage service.

Apply Online:

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