Champion Chemistry Books Fsc Part 1 and 2 PDF Download

Champion Chemistry Books Fsc Part 1 and 2 PDF Download. This book contains important key points and solved MCQs from past papers. Useful Book for the preparation of Fsc annual examinations and PMC MDCAT Preparation in Pakistan. All the MCQs are from the Text Books of Chemistry. While the answer keys with explanations are also added in this book. So download this book easily and start studying today.

Champion Chemistry Books

look at some sample key points and multiple choice questions from this book.

Which of the following exists as an octa-atomic molecule?
(a) Sulfur
(b) Phosphorus
(C) Nitrogen
(d) oxygen
Which of the following compound consist of discrete similar molecules?
(a) Natural gas
(b) Phosgene gas
(C) Water gas
(d) Town gas
Which of the following is the pure matter? “
(a) Steel
(b) Tap Water
(c) Diamond
(d) All of these
A molecular ion is formed by
Stoichiometry means
(a) Measurement of atoms
(b) Measurement of Elements
(C) Measurement of particles
(d) Measurement of compounds
Quantitative reaction used for chemical analysis
(a) Arc fast reaction
(b) Have lower actual yield
(C) Have higher percent yield
(d) Arc organic reaction

The color of the fluorescence produced during the cathode rays experiment depends upon:
(a) Pressure in the discharge tube
(b) Composition of glass
(C) Composition of electrode
(d) Length of the tube

  1. Who determined that cathode rays are negatively charged particles?
    (a) Hittorf
    (b) J. Perrine & J. J. Thomson
    (C) Crooks.
    (d) Slater
    Cathode rays can rotate a small paddle wheel, it was the first time demonstrated by?
    (a) Thomson
    (b) Hittorf
    (C) Crookes
    (d) J. Perrine
    lZ- Cdtbode rays were named “Electrons” by:
    ยท (a) G.’ J. Stoney
    (b) Goldstein
    (d) Aston
    Which, of the following have reduced. effect?
    (a) Anode rays
    (b)’ Cathode rays
    (C) X-rays
    (d) All of these
    Charge to mass ratio of the electron was determined by:
    (a) Millikon
    (b) Hittorf
    (C) Thomson
    (d) Crookes

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