Chapter Wise Test Papers 10th Class Chemistry PDF Download

Chapter-wise test papers of 10th class chemistry. All tests are according to the new syllabus and pairing scheme of Punjab Boards. 10th class Chemistry unit-wise multiple-choice questions(MCQs), important short questions, and long questions.

Chapter Wise Test Papers 10th Class Chemistry

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10th Chemistry Sample MCQs

Tick the correct answer of the following.
1)Depletion of O2 from water is not because of
(a)decaying of aquatic plants
(b)bio degradation of aquatic plants
(c)rapid growth of aquatic plants
(d)decomposition of aquatic plants
2)Which of the following causes serve diarrhea and can be fatal

Chemistry Practice MCQs:

3)Ionic compounds are soluble in water due to
(a)hydrogen bonding
(b)ion-dipole forces
(c)dipole-dipole forces
(d)dipole induced dipole forces
4)Na2 zoo-lite is a naturally occurring resin of following

5) The Concentration of copper is carried out by
(c)froth flotation
6) When CO2 is passed through ammonical brine the only salt that precipitates is
(d)(NH4)2 CO3

Additional MCQs:

7) In Solvay’s process slaked lime is
(a)prepare CO2
(b)prepare quick lime
(c)recover ammonia
(d)form Na2CO3
8)Which one is compound
(a)petroleum gas
(b)petroleum ether

9)Concentration is a technique that separates
(a) Ors from minerals
(b)minerals from gangue
(c)gangue from ores
(d)metal from ore

Short Questions.

1)Which forces are responsible for dissolving polar substances in water?
(2)Limestone dissolving method in water?
(3)What are the causes of the hardness of water?
(4)What is the difference b/w biodegradable and
non-biodegradable substances?

(5)What is the use of pine oil in the fourth flotation?
(6)What is electrolytic refining?
(7)Formation of ammonia from urea?
(8)What is refining petroleum?
(9)What is the difference b/w diesel oil and fuel oil?

Long Questions.

(b): Explain water-borne diseases

(a): Explain with diagram smelting and mesmerization

(c): Manufacturing of Urea? Draw flow sheet diagram

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