Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Class 12 Pdf Download

Chemistry guess paper 2023 of class 12. Important short questions unit-wise 2nd-year chemistry. Chapter-wise important long questions 12th class chemistry.

Chemistry Guess Paper 2023:

As you know that in the 2023 intermediate annual exam only compulsory subjects papers will be taken. Now it’s a great opportunity for the candidates to achieve good marks.

We have composed the most important short and long questions from Fsc chemistry part 2. So that the students can cover the whole syllabus in few days.

Chapte Wise Short Questions:

Chapter number 1:
define Modern Periodic Table
what do you know about blocks in predictable
what are metals and nonmetals
define metalloids
what is atomic radius and atomic radii in group

define Lanthanide contraction
what is Ionic radius and give its types
define isoelectronic ions
What is ionization energy give the trend in group and period
the high ionization energy of wind than first and its factor why second ionization energy is always greater than that of first

how can it be easier to remove the electron after the removal of the electron
why size increases down the group
what is Oxidation State
define electrical conductance
why graphite is a conductor and diamond is nonconductor8

what are hydration energy and charge density
what is the position of hydrogen
exercise question number 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 question e part
very important question

Unit 2 Short Questions Guess:

why alkali metals are very reactive
give the peculiar behavior of lithium
describe the peculiar behavior of beryllium long question
amphoteric nature of Barium oxide
define hygroscopic properties
define sulfates and their compounds
Down cell and its advantages long question
Nelson cell and its Problems and their solutions long question

Unit 3 Short Questions:

formula of borax and boric acid
why Al is rare in nature
give the behavior of Boron
how we can prepare borax from soda Ash
define hydrolysis
how borax react to form boric acid
what is the chemistry of the borax bead test
give the uses of borax9
write names of boric acid

MCQs Guess Unit Wise:

Complete guess paper of short questions 2nd-year Chemistry download from the link below.

Similarly, the Long questions guess paper can be download from the below link.

2nd-year chemistry unit-wise solved Multiple choice questions download from the below link.

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