Chemistry Solution class 10th | Past Papers | chapter wise practice tests

Chemistry solution class 10th the very high quality solution for the annual examination 2023. The chemistry solution set according to the SNC and all Board of Punjab. This solution consists the topic wise tests, the topic wise previous papers, chapter wise papers, and previous boards’ papers. That’s the reason is that these qualities make these solutions are the best.

We know that the most of the students look worried about chemistry notes. That’s why we upload the both past papers and high quality content for the students. We understand the needs of students. We will always try to provide the quality content for hardworking students. The Chemistry notes 10th is consisting the four portions. First, we present the PDF format file. This file consists on chapter and the topic wise solution of Chemistry notes the 10th class. This is the useful content for all the students. All chapters and all topics also mentioned the importance according to the all Punjab Board exams, 2023.

The second portion consists of all Punjab previous boards exams solved papers. The third portion contains chapter wise practice tests. And the forth portion consist the half book tests according to the new syllabus. This is the best way for the preparation of final or annual examination. We present the best quality solved past papers of Chemistry 10th solutions according to the new syllabus. Our team worked hard to collect this type of content so that the students will succeed with good grades.

Key Features of Chemistry solution class 10th

  • Easy to understandable
  • Available for download in PDF format
  • According to All Punjab Boards Pattern
  • Follow the directions of SNC
  • Subjective and objective
  • Easy to learn
  • The most reliable and valuable both teachers and students
  • According to the new syllabus 2023
  • Up to date availability
  • Availability of previous boards’ papers
  • Urdu medium

The scheme 2023 of all Punjab

Chapter No.Scheme 2022
باب نمبر 9معروضی سوالات, مختصر سوالات, تفصیلی سوالات
باب نمبر 10معروضی سوالات, مختصر سوالات, تفصیلی سوالات
باب نمبر 11معروضی سوالات, مختصر سوالات, تفصیلی سوالات
باب نمبر 12معروضی سوالات, مختصر سوالات, تفصیلی سوالات
باب نمبر 13معروضی سوالات, مختصر سوالات, تفصیلی سوالات
باب نمبر 14معروضی سوالات, مختصر سوالات, تفصیلی سوالات
باب نمبر 15معروضی سوالات, مختصر سوالات, تفصیلی سوالات
باب نمبر 16معروضی سوالات, مختصر سوالات, تفصیلی سوالات

Download PDF Chemistry Solution Class 10th notes and past papers

Download PDF Topic wise Chemistry class 10th solution
Click here for download Chapter wise practice tests
Download PDF solved Past Papers
Click for download half book practice tests
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  1. Why chemistry past paper is in Urdu…..for science students u should also print past papers of chemistry in English

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