Class 12 Physics Book Full Test Pdf 2023 By PGC

Class 12 Physics Book test of full-length syllabus 2023 in pdf. 2nd-year Physics complete syllabus test according to alp smart syllabus.

This test was taken by PGC(Punjab Group of Colleges). Download Grade 12 Physics Book of Punjab Text Board in pdf.

Class 12 Physics Book Paper:

Punjab College, Okara PHYSICS F.Sc./I.C.S (Part – 2). Pre-Board Care Full Book Exam (July 2021). Read examples of Long questions. The full test can be downloaded at the end of this post.

(a) What is a capacitor? Derive an expression for energy stored in a capacitor.
(b) The resistance of the iron wire at 0ºC is 1 x 10′ n. What is the resistance at 500ºC if the temperature coefficient of resistance of iron is 5.2 x 103K-1?

(a) What is the alternating generator? Explain its construction and working.
(b) What current should pass through a solenoid that is 0.5 m long with 10,000 turns of copper wire so that it will have a magnetic field of 0.4 T?

Do electrons tend to go to regions of high potential or of low potential?
Two charged particles are projected into a region.

There is a magnetic field perpendicular to their velocities. If the charges are deflected in opposite directions, what will you say about them?
Define Lorentz force and write its equation.

Physics Full Book Test Short Questions:

What do you mean by the annihilation of matter?
Can x-rays be reflected, refracted, diffracted, and polarized just like any other wave? Write down the two uses of LASER.
Why are heavy nuclei unstable?

What is the meaning of the term “critical mass”?
What is radioactivity?
When does light behave like a wave? When does it behave as a particle?
Define photoelectric effect and photoelectrons.

Physics Full Book Syllabus Test By PGC:

Grade 12 Physics Text Book Pdf:

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