Class 12 Physics Guess Paper 2023 Pdf Download

Class 12 Physics guess paper 2023 download in pdf. 2nd-year Physics unit-wise MCQs, important short and long questions. Brilliant guess paper 2023 12th Physics. This guess paper is according to alp smart syllabus 2023.

Class 12 Physics Guess Paper 2023:

Before you download the full pdf file of the guess paper read the sample Questions. The complete paper can be downloaded at the end of this post.

Example Short Questions:

Is E necessary zero inside a charged rubber balloon if the balloon is spherical.
How can you identify which plate of the capacitor is positively charged?
Is the filament resistance lower or high in a 500W,220 V light bulb than in a 100 W,220V Bulb
Why does the resistance of a conductor rise with temperature
Describe the change in the magnetic field inside a solenoid carrying a steady current. if (a) the length of the solenoid is doubled but the number of turns remains the same.

Long Questions Examples:

1 EXPLAIN potential due to point charge 2.Electric intensity due to infinite sheet of charge.

  1. define capacitor explain capacitance of parallel plate capacitor
  2. explain milikon oil drop method for determination of charge on electron
  3. brefely explain wheatstone bridge

Dowload 12th Class Guess 2023:

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