CMC Past Papers With Keys Entry Test Sindh

CMC Past Papers fully solved with answer keys from Sindh entry test. All past papers from 1998 to 2022 with answer keys. These past papers contain all subjects English, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

CMC Past Papers With Keys

Here are some sample multiple choice questions from past papers of CMC. Read online these mcq before Downloading.

CMC Biology Portion:

1.System in land in which living and non living things exchange materials and energy is
a. Hydrospheric ecosystem
b. Aquatic ecosystem
c. Major ecosystem
d. Lithosperic Ecosystem

2.Which one is not the unique property of water?
a. Temperature
b. Absorption of energy
c. Abundant water with appropriate temperature
d. Rapid temperature changes

3.Littoral zone is
a. Beyond the shore
b. Near the shore
c. Mid the shore
d. Bottom zone

4.The greatest diversity is found in which zone
a. Limnetic zone
b. Profundal zone
c. Littoral zone
d. None

5.In Pakistan, temperature moist conditions are in
a. Neelem valley and shogran
b. Swat and Kalam
c. Murree
d. All

6.What types of forests are found in India, South east Asia, eastern north America, Europe, china, Australia, Japan and South America
a. Tropical rain forest
b. Temperature deciduous forests
c. Coniferous alpine and boreal forests
d. Tundra and alpine vegetation

7.Which in not dominant plants in temperate deciduous forests
a. Taxus baccato
b. Pinus wallichiana
c. Berberis Lyceum
d. Pinus roxburgii

8.Soil of maximum water holding capacity, very fertile and rich in organic matter is the quality of which type of forests
a. Tropical rain forests
b. Temperate deciduous forest
c. Coniferous forests
d. Temperate rain forests

9.Which of the following is northern coniferous forests?
a. Taiga
b. Prairies
c. Savana
d. All

10.What are the reasons that do not allow the luxurious growth of coniferous forests are
a. Winters are longer and colder
b. The growing season in shorter
c. Warm weather is much short
d. All

CMC Chemistry Portion:

1)Azeotropic mixtures are
(a) constant boiling mixture
(b) those which boil at different temp
(c) mixture of two solids
(d) none

2)Which is not a colligative property
(a) freezing point
(b) lowering of vapour pressure
(c) depression of freezing point
(d) elevation of boiling point

3)Colligative properties of the solution depend upon
(a) nature of solute
(b) no. of solute particles
(c) nature of solvent
(d) no. of moles of solvent only

4)If 18g of glucose (C_6 H_12 O_6) is present in 1000g of an aqueous solution of glucose, it is said to be
(a) 1 molal
(b) 1.1 molal
(c) 0.5 molal
(d) 0.01 molal

5)Solution which distills without change in composition is called
(a) amorphous
(b) azeotropic soln
(c) ideal
(d) supersaturated

6)In a mixture of 28g of grams of N_2 and 96g of O_2 the mole fraction of N_2 is
(a) 1.1
(b) 0.51
(c) 0.25
(d) 0.11

7)A molal soln is one the contains one mole of a solute in
(a) 1000g of the solvent
(b) one dm^3 of the solvent
(c) one dm^3 of the soln
(d) 22.4 dm^3 of the soln

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