Commerce Subjects in class 11 Sindh Board

Commerce subjects in class 11 Sindh Board is mostly asked by students in Karachi (Sindh). According to the definition Commerce is the trade of products and services between individuals and businesses. Commerce, often known as science and the arts, is a prominent topic of study. Based on academic data. It includes business, commerce, accounting, financial information/transactions, and merchandising. Commerce is vital to a country’s economy and the well-being of its citizens since it facilitates cross-border trade.

Choice of course after passing the Class 10 is crucial in every student’s life. The subjects he/she picks after 10th examination determines his/her career route. There are three major fields to choose after the 10th class. Which are listed below.

  • F.A with commerce subjects
  • I.CS with Commerce subjects
  • C.COM/D.COM/I.COM Diploma after 10th class

Commerce Subjects In Class 11:

Now, the question is which course is best for students in Sindh. As a rule, you should focus on the subject that you are interested in. Interest can make you a better person in the future. When you do this, it will also make you an expert in the subject that you are interested in.

If you got good grades in the 10th grade, then the next thing to do is choose the subject in which you did well. This method also says that you will do better. Because you have already shown that you are good at that subject.

3rd, we’ll tell you to talk to your teachers or role models. Due to their age and experience, they have more knowledge and skills than you do. They will be able to help you more when you choose your course subjects.

List of Commerce Subjects in Class 11:

Principles of accounting100
Principles of Economics75
Principles of Commerce75
Business mathematics50
List of Commerce Subjects 11th

Commerce Curriculum-Subjects 2023 Sindh Part I:

The syllabus of HSC Part-l (grade-Xi). Similarly, List is as below.

  • English,
  • Asan Urdu,
  • Urdu Compulsory,
  • Islamiat,
  • Ethics,
  • Business Mathematics,
  • Accounting
  • Principles of Commerce,
  • Principles of Economics,
  • Economics,
  • Commercial Geography,
  • Library Science,
  • Physiology,
  • Islamic Culture.
  • Muslim History,
  • Education,
  • Philosophy (Elective)

Commerce Curriculum Part II:

  • English,
  • Sindhi Compulsory,
  • Urdu Compulsory,
  • Pakistan Studies,
  • Accounting,
  • Banking (Karachi Board),
  • Principles of Commerce-Banking,
  • Commercial Geography (world section),
  • Commercial Geography (Pakistan Section),
  • Statistics,
  • Library Science,
  • Psychology,
  • Islamic Culture,
  • Muslim History,
  • Education,
  • Philosophy

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