Computer 11 Solutions | Chapter & Topic Wise solution for class 11

Computer 11 solutions set very well according to the Annual examination 2023. These solutions cover the all board pattern of Punjab. These solution present the new updated pattern or syllabus for the annual examination 2023. Computer Science solutions have chapter wise and topic wise solution of 9 board session 2012 to 2023.

All the content of Computer 11 solutions are collecting after the deep considerations and observation of well reputed professors of Computer Science. Our team time to time conduct meeting with teachers for collecting data of these solutions. The most of model papers and computer solutions does not follow the all Punjab board pattern.

Similarly, these solutions are according to the complete and new syllabus 2023 and fulfill the all criteria for good solutions. The characteristics of solutions are that these have chapter the wise and also topic wise solutions. We always committed to providing high quality content for students. We always strive for our own dear students. So that students succeed with very good marks in the examination.

Computer 11 Solutions follow the Board Scheme

Chapter#TitleBoard Scheme
1Basics of Information TechnologyLong Question + Short Question+ MCQ’s
2Information Networks Long Question + Short Question+ MCQ’s
3Data CommunicationsLong Question+ Short Question + MCQ’s
4Applications and Uses of ComputersShort Question+ MCQ’s
5Computer Architecture Long Question + Short Question + MCQ’s
6Security, Copyright and the Law Long Question + Short Question+ MCQ’s
7Windows Operating SystemShort Question+ MCQ’s
8Word Processing Short Question+ MCQ’s
9Spread SheetShort Question+ MCQ’s
10Fundamentals of the Internet Short Question+ MCQ’s

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All Punjab Boards Computer Papers 2023

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