Computer Operator Past Papers MCQs Book in Pdf 2022

Here is a full book of Computer Operator Past Papers MCQs with answer keys. You can download or read online for preparation of computer operator jobs and  Junior Clerk, Data Entry Operator & Key Punch Operator.

A person who works with computers and their software in an office, department, or business is called a computer operator. “Computer operator” is a term that can be used to describe many different jobs. For example, a person in charge of entering data often:

  • Set up and install new software programs
  • Install and set up hardware and devices for networking
  • Maintain and fix problems with old software (such as word processing programs)
  • Prepare data for print or CD-ROM output (such as reports)
  • Get mail ready to be sent (such as posters)
  • Take care of system files (for example, store printers & disks on a shared server)

Secure Shell is what SSH stands for. Secure Shell is a network protocol that is often used with ssh to connect to Unix servers. SSH stands for Secure Shell. The secure shell lets you connect your computer to a remote server, like one run by an Internet service provider or a web hosting company.

Computer Operator Past Papers MCQs Book

Sample MCQs from this pdf book.

  1. Which of the following is true concerning personal computers?
    1. They decrease the demand for mainframe computers
    2. They have been most successful in the home
    3. The electronic spreadsheet has been a primary reason for the popularity
    4. Their future is not so bright owning to the improved cost-performance ratio of minis and mainframes

Answer: Option C

  1. The earliest device that qualifies as a digital computer is
    1. EDSAC
    2. Abacus
    3. ENIAC
    4. EDVAC
    5. None of the above

Correct: Option B

  1. One million bytes of information is abbreviated as
    1. Bit
    2. MB
    3. KB
    4. GB

Correct: Option B

AddiAdditional MCQs From Past Papers:

  1. Which device uses much less computer time than the light pen and gives resolutions equal to that of the CRT display.
    1. Mouse
    2. Touch tablet
    3. Touch panel
    4. Data tablet
    5. None of the above

Answer: Option D

  1. The process used to set up a program once the system is operational is
    1. Operating system
    2. Blackburn
    3. Bootstrap
    4. Utility

Right: Option C

  1. Pictures or drawings, typically displayed on a VDU to allow users to select program options are called
    1. HIPO charts
    2. Icons
    3. Graphics
    4. Network

Answer: Option B

18. A monitor looks like a TV set but it does not

  1. Receive TV signals
  2. Give a clear picture
  3. Give a steady picture
  4. Display graphics
  5. None of the above

Answer: Option A

In this article, you’ll find out what many people have learned about working as a computer operator. You can get ahead of the curve and improve your skills and abilities as a computer operator by learning from your past mistakes. This book is all about how to get ready for your first job interview as a Computer Operator, Data Entry Operator, or Key Punch Operator.

This book has 12 questions that were put together by a professional administrator with a lot of experience to make them easy to understand. But it’s not just a book about how to prepare for a job interview as a computer operator. It also has tips for answering interview questions, questions from the computer operator certification exam, technical knowledge and skills needed for computer operator jobs, and other related information.

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