Crash Tests Full Book MCAT Stars Academy PDF Download

Srars crash tests

Crash Tests Full Book MCAT Stars Academy PDF Download. Full book crash tests of MCAT entry test preparation by stars Academy Lahore. All tests are fully solved. Fully solved crash tests for mdcat preparation contains Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English tests with answer keys.

Crash Tests Full Book MCAT

We have collected all subjects crash tests conducted by Stars Academy in 2019. The salient feature of these tests is that it covers full book syllabus like Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English including both part 1 and part 2. Its a great effort by Stars Academy to facilitate the students in preparation of MCAT entry test preparation to achieve their goal.

Read some sample MCQs from crash tests of stars academy for MCAT preparation

1.A bond between two amino acid is.
A) Peptide bond
B) Hydrophobic linkage
C) Ionic bond
D) Glycosidic bond
2.Phospholipids possess.
A) One polar head and one non-polar tail
B) One polar head and two hydrophobic tails
C) Two polar heads and one hydrophobic tail
D) One hydrophobic head and one hydrophobic tail
3.Which one provides twice as much energy as carbohydrates?
A) Vitamins
B) Minerals
C) Proteins
D) Fats
4.The optimum pH of sucrase is.
A) 2.00
B) 4.50
C) 6.00
D) 8.00
5.If amount of enzyme is increased by two fold the reaction rate is:
A) Same
B) Doubled
C) Four fold
D) It depends upon conc. Of substrate
6.Poisons like cyanide, antibodies, anti metabolites and some drugs are examples of.
A) Enzymes
B) Coenzymes
C) Inhibitors
D) Holoenzymes
7.Which of the following gets attached to the enzyme but not changed to product?
A) Substrate
B) Inhibitor
C) Co-enzyme
D) Product
8.A coenzyme is
A) Organic non-proteinaceous group that is essential for enzyme activity
B) Organic or inorganic group that is essential for enzyme activity
C) Same enzyme found in different organs or tissues
D) One that shares function of another enzyme
9.Which of the following modifies proteins and lipids by adding carbohydrates:
A) Golgi apparatus
B) Plasma membrane
C) Polysome
D) None of these
10.Which one of the following is most selender in structure?
A) Microtubules
B) Microfilaments
C) Intermediate filaments
D) Both A and B
11.They are involved in internal cell motion:
A) Microtubules
B) Microfilaments
C) Intermediate filaments
D) Myosin
12.Short living organelle absent in lipid poor seeds:
A) Lycosome
B) Ribosomes
C) Glyoxysomes
D) Peroxisome
13.The enzyme not concern with peroxisome:
A) Peroxidase
B) Catalase
C) Glycolic acid oxidase
14.Peroxisomes were isolated from which of these cells?
A) Pancreatic cells
B) Skin cells
C) Liver cells
D) None of these
15.Diameter of peroxisome is _ micrometer:
A) 0.6
B) 0.5
C) 0.4
D) 0.9
16.Each chromosome has how many chromatids at the beginning of Mitotic division:
A) 2
B) 1
C) 6
D) 3
17.Cilia, Flagella and centrioles are composed of:
A) Microtubules
B) Intermediate filaments
C) Microfilament
D) Myofibrils
18.It is one of the most fundamental generalizations in biology:
A) Hardy Weinberg theory
B) Genetic theory
C) Cell theory
D) Chromosomal theory
19.The number of capsomeres in the capsid if adeno virus is
A) 152
B) 252
C) 162
D) 262

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