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CS605 Software Engineering II-What follows are my CS605 Software Engineering II notes from the Virtual University (VU). This course focuses on several of the most popular programming languages out there today and how to work with them using various debugging techniques and compilers. If you’re planning on taking this course, you may find these notes helpful! I’ll be updating them as we progress through the semester, so feel free to keep checking back as we make our way through the next few weeks together!

If you are a student of Computer Science, you may download the handout of Software Engineering-II from this link. You may also search the University website to download it. Software Engineering II – CS605. SE II handout will prove very helpful for the students of Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology. You should download the content and connect with us. We will try to provide the quality content. We ensured you our data quality is the best. Download the notes and work hard. Because hard work is key to success.

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Software Engineering II (CS605)

VU Handout – PDF Document: This handout gives an overview of basic programming ideas, code structure, comments, data types and variables. Read over it to get a better idea of software engineering in general or for specific details about what we’ve covered so far in class. Remember that you are responsible for all material presented to you in class regardless of where you find it (so look at my slides before asking me questions!). I’ll try to keep up with any changes here but given how rapidly things change on campus, I strongly recommend that you save these locally on your computer as well (you’ll also have access to them after I move on). Be sure to review all material related to Data Structures as well.

Course Outline

CS605 Software Engineering-II : Focuses on techniques and issues related to software development process and product quality. The course covers specification, design, implementation, maintenance and testing of large software systems; verification: unit, integration and acceptance testing; validation: static analysis and dynamic analysis tools for defect detection; use case methods for requirements specification; object oriented analysis & design methods (UML); quality factors. Object-oriented languages are used in implementing most examples. Lab exercises emphasize skill in using appropriate tools.


I hope that you will find these cheat sheets useful for studying for your exams. If you do find them useful, please share them with your friends! You can download a PDF version of all three by clicking here . Also, if you come across any errors in any of them (or if you think something is missing), let me know and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible. Good luck on your exams! If you’ve found these helpful, please consider checking out my CS600 notes , since those are still fresh in my mind (and hopefully easier to study).

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Download the VU Handout of CS-605 SE II Lectures (1 to 45)
Power Point Slides Lectures (1 to 45)
VU Notes

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