Dark They Were & Golden Eyed Synonyms and MCQs 11th English

Dark they were and golden eyed important synonyms and MCQs from past papers. Fsc part 1 English lessons with important synonyms and multiple choice questions for the preparation of F.sc annual examination and MDCAT Entry Test Preparation.

Dark They Were & Golden Eyed Synonyms

1.         The children small seeds, might at any instant be sown to all Martian climes.

            (a) appeared               

            (b) combined

            (c) gathered                

            (d) dispersed

2          Harry felt submerged in a chemical that could dissolve his intellect

(a) dived                     

(b) deprived               

(c) avoid                     

(d) abused

3.         Lura said, they will be safe here “Safe and insane”.

(a) scholar                  

(b) sage                      

(c) genius                   

(d) mad

4.         You haven’t been prowling up in these ruins, have you?

(a) suppose                 

(b) encourage

(c) going about          

(d) appreciate

5.         Laura stumbled through the settlement crying

(a) enjoyed                 

(b) criticized              

(c) laughed                 

(d) strike the foot against something

6.         There were little very dim flecks of new gold captured in the blue of his eyes

(a) small patches        

(b) flowers                 

(c) fields                     

(d) houses

7.         The captain established headquarters in an abandoned bar.

(a) occupied               

(b) crowded                

(c) vacated                 

(d) original

8.         They looked at Martian hills that time worn with crushing pressure of year.

(a) entity                    

(b) abused                  

(c) constructed           

(d) smashed

9.         Chin up, Harry said his wife.

(a) happy                    

(b) silent                     

(c) shut up                  

(d) ruin

10.       Here we go, he said a man standing on the edge of a sea ready to wade in and drowned.

(a) run            

(b) set to                     

(c) fracture                 

(d) cool

11.       They hadn’t the foggiest notion of what happened to this town or its people.

(a) dim                       

(b) fast                        

(c) thick                     

(d) dare


1.         How did the rocket metal cool down?

(a) in the coal water of river              

(b) in the cool wind of meadows

(c) in the chemical lab                                   

(d) at night atmosphere

2.         At any moment the Martian air might

(a) bring relief                                               

(b) kill him

(c)  draw his soul from him               

(d) become pleasant

6.         Which one of the city was attacked?

(a)  Texas                   

(b) Virginia                

(c) New York

(d) New Jersey

7.         Whom did Harry ask if he would help him to build a rocket?

(a) Laura                    

(b) Cora                      

(c) Dan                       

(d) Sam

8.         After how many years did the earth people come to rescue their fellows?

(a) seven years           

(b) five years  

(c) two years              

(d) four years

9.         How many people did the lieutenant find?

(a) one million                                               

(b)six and seven

(c) six, eight thousand                                   

(d) six, eight hundred

10.       In which season did Mr. Bittering stand very golden eyed?

(a) winter                   

(b) summer                  

(c) autumn                   

(d) spring

Summary of Dark they were & Golden Eyed

We hope these synonyms and mcqs may help a lot to understand this lesson. All these mcqs are collected from past papers of F.sc annual examination Punjab Board. It may also help you to prepare mdcat entry test preparation for English Subjects.

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