Data Structures Notes CS301 By Virtual University

Data structures notes CS301 Computer science by the Virtual University of Pakistan. CS301 handouts pdf with 45 lectures on data structures. Download complete handouts of the Virtual University in pdf. Comprehensive notes on Data structures each lecture is with examples and explanations including diagrams.

Lecture No:1

Lecture 1 of data structure will explain the following topics with details.

  • Introduction to Data Structures
  • Selecting a Data Structure
  • Data Structure Philosophy
  • Goals of this Course
  • Array
  • List data structure

Lecture No:2

VU notes of Data structures lesson 2 contain the following topics with explanatory examples.

  • List Implementation
  • add Method
  • next Method
  • remove Method
  • find Method
  • Other Methods
  • Analysis Of Array List
  • List Using Linked Memory
  • Linked List

Lecture No:3

  • Linked List inside Computer Memory
  • List Operations
  • Linked List Using C++
  • Example Program

Lecture No:4

  • Methods of Linked List
  • Example of list usage
  • Analysis of Link List
  • Doubly-linked List
  • Circularly-linked lists
  • Josephus Problem

Data Structures Notes CS 301 Lecture 5:

  • Benefits of using the circular list
  • Abstract Data Type
  • Stacks
  • Stack Implementation using arrays

Lecture No:6

  • Stack From the Previous Lecture
  • Using Linked List
  • Stack Implementation: Array or Linked List
  • Use of Stack
  • Precedence of Operators
  • Examples of Infix to Postfix

Lecture No:7

  • Evaluating postfix expressions
  • An example
  • Infix to postfix Conversion

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