Doctors inn MCAT notes Chemistry MCQs Fsc part 1

doctors inn mcat notes

Doctors inn MCAT notes of chemistry chapter wise MCQs Fsc part 1. All chapters of Chemistry MCQs topic-wise with answer keys.

Doctors inn MCAT Notes Chemistry:

These MCQs are compiled for the preparation of Fsc and mdcat entry test. Both candidates can study these notes of chemistry. As all of us know that MDCAT covers a lot of syllabus from Fsc part 1 and 2.

So we recommend you to study these MCQs to achieve good marks in fsc and entry test. Below are some example Multiple choice questions. Read these MCQs because these will give you an idea bout chemistry mcqs notes of doctors inn.

TOPIC – 9 (Physical Chemistry
Which of the following reaction is not feasible?
A) Magnesium ribbon is in a solution of silver nitrate
B) A small piece of calcium is added to a beaker of water
C) A copper wire is dipped in IM HCI
D) Reaction of Zn with dil. HSO.

Oxidation number of sulphur in sodium thiesitphate
A) +25 +56)
B) -2
C) 4
Which of the following is incorrect statement about electrolyte?
A) It can conduct electricity in molte state
B) It can conduct electricity in the form of aqueous solution
It can conduct electricity in the solid form
D) It can be an acid, a base or a salt

Consider the following reaction:
75 +30
C) 4)

In this reaction: 2Fe +302FC.
A) Fe is oxidized
Fe is reduced
B) Cl, is oxidized

Consider the following redox reaction:
D) Fo may be oxidized or reduced
Cu + conc. HNO, Cu(NO) + NO: + HO

Which of the above statement is/are correct about electrodes?
A) I only
C) III and IV only
B) II only
D) 1, II, III, and IV

Which of the following statements is/are correct?
A) The elements which have negative values of standard electrode potential (E)
have the tendency to lose electrons.
B) The elements which have positive values of standard electrode potential (E)
have the tendency to gain electrons.
C) Both A and B
D) Neither

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