Dr Khurram Abbas Biology XII MCQs Download Pdf

Dr. Khurram Abbas Biology MCQs of 12th Class. DKA Biology xii MCQs book in pdf. 2nd-year Biology notes, MCQs, answer keys.

Dr Khurram Abbas Biology XII

Below are some sample MCQs from xii Biology.

in following has very high ability of regeneration
a. Hydra
b. Starfish
c Jellyfish
d. Frog

Regeneration depends upon:
A Cellular activity
b Cellular differentiation
C Cellular growth
d. Cellular development

In birds & mammals regeneration is mostly limited to the small wound by the
formation of:
a. Scarb tissue
b. Sar tissue
c Scar tissue
d. Scarn tissue

The new tissue form by regenerative is called:
a Wound tissue
b. Scar tissue
C Advanced tissue
d. Scarn tissue

The study about abnormal development is called:
a. Teratology
b. Tetralogy
C Teralogy
d. Terontology

Destructive changes in normal function structure of an organism during development produces.
a. Abnormal growth
b. Development defect
C. Abnormal development
d. None of these

The ‘abnormal development with smaller skull then the size of the body is called:
Mega cephalous
b. Microcephaly
d Homocephaly

The abnormal development with splited lip is called:
a. Spileted lip
b. Spiletel tongue

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