End Of Term MCQs Past Papers Fsc English Part 2

End Of Term MCQs from Past Papers of Fsc English Part 2. All MCQs are fully solved and collected from past papers of Punjab Boards.

End Of Term MCQs

1. The voice of the maid sounded like a summon to damnation‘ (dgk. Gl, 2017)
(D) exhibition
(B) paradise
(C) fair
(D) Hell

  1. The daily grind of the school pressed heavily upon me’ FBD. GIL 20 (RWP. Gl, 2014)(IS
    (A) labor
    (B) homework
    (C) work
    (D) routine
  2. I would savor my happiness with a conscious relish,: (mln. GIL 2014) (fbi). Gl. 2019)
    (A) Fun
    (B) joy
    (C) taste
    (D) mirth
  3. The maidservant walked with grim steps: (dgk. Gl, 2014)
    (A) light
    (B) wanton
    (C) vivid horrible
    (D) Horrible
  4. The abundant homework was a cause of tensionĀ· (GRW. Gil, 2017)
    (A) significant
    (B) plentiful
    (C) trite
    (D) ordinary.
  5. There was fierce competition in the school.
    (A) enjoyable
    (B) light
    (C) severe
    (D) pleasant
  6. The last period on Friday had a happy flavour: (lhr Gil. 2015) (SWL. GL 2017) (SWL GI. 2018)
    (A) dream
    (B) taste
    (C) color
    (D) wish

8.Three strenuous terms, at last, ended: (RWP. Gil, BWP. GIL 2015)
(A) beautiful
(B) long
(C) tough
(D) easy

  1. She would announce in deep funeral tones. (bwp. Gl, 2014) (bwp. GIL 2016) (RWP. GIL 2018)
    (A) gloomy
    (B) happy
    (C) real
    (D) musical
  2. These things never happened. (RWP. Cl, 2014)
    (A) occurred
    (B) opened
    (C) told
    (D) warned
  3. On Friday, the writer walked with the tread of an escaped prisoner:
    (DGK. Gl, 2014) (MIN. Gl, 2015) (GRW. GL 2018)
    (A) freed
    (B) oppressed
    (C) humiliated
    (D) captured
  4. I could look forward to a period of felicity: (dgk, Gil, 2014) (grin’. Gl, 2015) (fbd. GIL 2017) (OCR GL 2013)
    (A) freedom
    (B) choice
    (C) happiness
    (D) failure
  5. All my early childhood, I desperately longed for a tricky (dgk GL 7016)
    (A) hated
    (B) loved
    (C) desired
    (D) completed
  6. The morning and seeing the hours of school stretching ahead was a dismal GJ,M6)
    (A) pleasing
    (B) Comforting
    (C) depressing
    (D) Fantastic
  7. sometimes they n oy unexpected respites. (swl. Gl, & GIL 2016)(ajk GIL 3068)
    (A) despite
    (B) in spite
    (C) breaks
    (D) Events
  8. The writer used to Ik waiting for the ominous tread. (GRW. Gl. bwr gil min
    (A) events
    (B) joyful
    (C) musical
    (D) Gloomy
  9. Daiches hung on the outskirts of a crowd around an ice-cream jg, gloomy (mln. GIL tom
    (A) Inner edge
    (B) Area
    (C) Outer edge
    (D) Middle
  10. Sometimes they had dismissal of school an hour or two before the usual time (bini. GIL mm
    (A) exposure
    (B) routine
    (C) timetable
    (D) Closure
  11. Friday morning was positively rose-colored. (BWP. GIL 20l0)
    (A) Definitely
    (B) Daily
    (C) Regularly
    (D) Slowly

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