English 12th Class Unit 14 Solved MCQs From Past Papers

English 12th class Unit 14 solved MCQs from past papers. Louis Pasteur lesson MCQs from fsc English part 2 previous years papers.

English 12th Class Unit 14 Solved MCQs

Louis Pasteur (Margaret Avery)
Choose the correct option of the following underlined words from Book – 11

1. Pasteur took up the study of brewing. (DGK. GII, 2014
(A) cooking
(B) frying
C making beer
(D) singing

2. Pasteur’s father was Napoleon’s conscript: (MLN. GI, 2016
(A) soldier
(B) enemy
(C) friend
(D) helper

3. Pasteur’s work was enough to pay the indemnity of the France-German war. (RWP. GII, 2017,
(A) compensation
(B) expenditure
(C) price
(D) fees

4. His father won the cross of Legion of Honour on the field of battle for valour and fidelity: (AJK. GII, 2015
(A) courage
(B) faithfulness
(C) disloyalty
(D) enmity

5. Pasteur was born in quite humble circumstances. (SGD. GII, 2011
(A) extraordinary
(B) unusual
(C) low
(D) rich

6. Pasteur was an unconquerable man: (SGD. GI, 2014) (FBD. GI. 2015
(A) unlovely
(B) unfairly
(C) undefeatable
(D) unattractive

7. Pasteur was filled with the loathing of Germany. (SGD. GII, 2017)(GRW.GII, 2018
(A) hatred
(B) love
(C) romance
(D) patriotism

8. Providentially Pasteur’s mind was not injured. (BWP. GII. 2017)
(A) unfortunately
(B) luckily
(C) ultimately
(D) immediately

9. Lister’s aim was the prevention: (BWP. GII, 2015) (AJK. GI, 2016) (SGD. GI, 2017)
(A) avoidance/cure
(B) end
(C) inoculate
(D) tools

10. France and Germany plunged into war: (RWP. GI, 2015
(A) avoided
(B) separated
(C) loved
(D) entered

11. Pasteur was fortunate in possessing forbears of character and strength. (SWL. GII, 2017)
(A) wealth
(B) descendant
(C) fellows
(D) ancestors

12. Lister was the medical peer of Pasteur. (GRW. GII, 2015)
A fellow
(B) foe
(C) enemy
(D) teacher

13. Pasteur asked for arbitration for competition: (DGK. GI, 2015
(A) punishment
(B) reward
(C) honour
(D) decision

14.Virulent germs spread disease: (LHR.G1, 2014
(A) violent
B) fatal
(C) sleepy
(D) weak

Pasteur found the treatment of hydrophobia. (BWP. GI, 2014) (BWP. GII, 2016)
(A) flue
(B) cough
(C) rabies
(D) typhoid

16. Today the sight of this parchment is odious to me. (SGD. GI, 2016
(A) pleasant
B) repulsive
(C) attractive
(D) dirty

17. The disease yaws made blotches on the human body: (GRW.GII, 2014
(A) homs
(C) hair
(D) thorns

18. Experiments gave way to the next: (LHR. GII, 2014
(A) fight
(B) discourage
(C) attempt
D) surrender

19. He was determined to break down this barrier.
LA) resolute
(B) unwilling
(C) weak
D) brave

20. He never shook off the physical effects: (MLN. CII, AJK, G1, 2016
(A) avoided
(B) stole
(D) generated

21. Metchnikoff, a pupil of Pasteur, revealed the true nature of the problem, (RWP. GII, 2016)
A showed
(B) concealed
(C) folded
(D) appreciated

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